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Leo D’avilla BJJ Seminar at ATOS Lebanon

Previous Lebanese pro Muay Thai fighter and current BJJ competitor Roy Dakroub


Previous Lebanese pro Muay Thai fighter and current BJJ competitor Roy Dakroub expresses his praise for ATOS Lebanon, who hosts 2nd degree black belt Leo D’avilla for a seminar this weekend.

After spending seven years in Muay Thai, I decided to seek a new challenge, and Brazilian Jiujitsu was one of the destinations that I chose. My curiosity for the ground fighting world lead me to visit several submission schools, watch a lot of tutorial videos, until I met my friend Daniel Hilal, a Lebanese international BJJ competitor and instructor at ATOS Lebanon. ATOS Lebanon is a full-time BJJ academy based in the heart of Beirut, affiliated with ATOS Jiu-Jitsu under the several times world champion, Professor Andre Galvao. Visiting his class couple of times, I saw discipline and dedication from his pupils, plus everyday weekly basis training, which I was looking for to spur my ground fighting level and got me dedicated for his class. Although there are other good BJJ schools in Lebanon, what made this school special is the full dedication to BJJ, while other gyms included other disciplines of martial arts. With few competitors competing in the Lebanese championship for two years in a row, almost all of Atos players ended up on the podium with not less than silver silverwares. Earning my blue belt last year, my passion for BJJ and improvement in this sport has been growing every time I learn something new, and the humble spirit of the lads at the ATOS dojo made me feel more welcome.

As the school always hosts black belt visiting instructors, the several times world GI and NO GI medalist, 2nd degree black belt Leo D’avilla will be holding a seminar at ATOS Lebanon.

Lineage: Mitsuyo Maeda > Carlos Gracie > Carlson Gracie > José de Oliveira > Cirval Justino > Benevenuto Antunes > Leo D’avila

Latest Accomplishments :

Pan American Jiu-Jitsu Bronze Medalist (2014 IBJJF)
Pan American NoGi Silver Medalist (2013 IBJJF)
Brazilian Nationals NoGi Silver Medalist (2013 IBJJF/CBJJ)
American Nationals NoGi Silver Medalist (2013 IBJJF)
American Nationals Silver Medalist (2013 IBJJF)
Las Vegas Summer Open Champion (2013 IBJJF)
San Francisco Open Champion (2013 IBJJF)
Chicago Summer Open Champion (2013 IBJJF)
Chicago Summer NoGi Champion (2013 IBJJF)

This would be a great opportunity and exposure for BJJ enthusiasts and practitioners to broaden their knowledge and insight on the game from an international top notch level source. I wouldn’t miss the opportunity if I were you. See you there!

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