UFC Referee Blake Grice MMA Judge And Referee Certification In Dubai

If you’ve ever wanted to Referee or Judge at an MMA Event, this is YOUR opportunity!

We all keep record of who won the opening round, which fighter got the better of each exchange, and earned themselves a 10-9 in the second. As a result, there are times when we unleash our fury over the announced scores and decisions, sometimes with good reason, others times for no reason at all.

We’ve all been there – annoyed with a certain result – but very few of us have actually been there, standing inside the cage or sitting next to the cage as a judge.

For the first time in the UAE, UFC Referee Blake Grice is hosting full day Judging and Referee Seminar. If anyone is interested in being certified to be an MMA judge or a referee, you can get ABC certified on September 4th at the WBBC “World Black Belts Center” in Dubai.

Blake Grice is a veteran referee in the cage, ranging from thousands of amateur and pro shows to the elite Ultimate Fighting Championships! He is a veteran fighter and brings his extensive knowledge to Dubai. Come and learn from one of the best and most experienced in the fight industry, and then see him referee at the Desert Force card right here in Abu Dhabi the next evening!

The compilation of the course has been led by Blake Grice himself, named a MMA referee and judge trainer by the Association of Boxing Commissions (ABC), who will be teaching on the 4th of September.

  • Cost: 500AED
  • Venue: WBBC “World Black Belts Center”, Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road
  • Date: September 4, 2016
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