Brave 10 – Will Fleury Outperforms Tarek Suleiman


Manic Factory Gym sponsored fighter, Tarek Suleiman, had an unsuccessful Brave Combat Federation debut, losing via unanimous decision to his Irish opponent Will Fleury at Brave 10: The Kingdom Rises.

Once again fighting in Jordan, Tarek Suleiman was out-matched by his opponent who fought a strategic battle for three rounds. Fleury studied his opponent well and knew the ferocious physical ability and varied skill-set of Mixed Martial Arts that Suleiman possesses. In most of the fight, Fleury relied on taking the Syrian fighter down, neutralizing his ability to do much in the fight.

The story of the bout was pretty much the same for all 3 rounds with Fleury taking Suleiman down, trapping him with his back against the cage, but not doing much from the dominant position he was in. To be fair, Fleury’s wrestling and grappling skills also made it difficult for Suleiman to escape his clutches in order to create any opportunity to turn the story of the fight around. In the end, after 3 rounds of smart tactical maneuvers, Fleury was able to grab a unanimous decision victory and move further up the Middleweight ranks.

As apparent by in his Mixed Martial Arts career, Suleiman might be currently down, but he is a very long way from being out! Now, Suleiman will no doubt go back to the drawing board and instantly get back on the bike with the aim of improving his talents even further and getting another fight in the nearest future.

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