Brave 10 – Jalal Al Daaja Locks Up a Triangle Choke Victory against Crisanto Pitpitunge


All 4 of the Jordanian on the Brave 10: The Kingdom of Champions fight card made their home-crowd fans on the 2nd of March!

One of the fighters who added some fuel to the fire of the crowd was the Jordanian home-town warrior, Jalal Al Daaja, as he fought against a durable opponent in Crisanto Pitpitunge.

Right from the opening of the bout, all the fans in the arena, as well as the viewers watching, could clearly see the predator in Al Daaja’s eyes as he went out hunting for a finish. After a few back and forth striking exchanges between the two fighters, Al Daaja caught his prey with a punch that wobbled him to the ground, with Al Daaja immediately lunging in with a violent barrage of all the attacks he could muster from his arsenal at the moment.

Pitpitunge showed his toughness, making his way back into the fight, but was not able to weather the storm of punishment that was Al Daaja who dove in once again with other series of combinations. Pitpitunge was successful in catching a low kick that Al Daaja threw and used the opportunity to take Al Daaja down. The Jordanian showed his resilience, instantly firing off an up kick from his back that landed. Trying to fiddle around and pass Al Daaja’s guard, Pitpitunge made the mistake of ducking straight into Al Daaja’s triangle choke, an error that had a highly expensive cost for Pitpitunge who tapped from the pressure and gave Al Daaja his 2nd straight victory at Brave Combat Federation.

Now, owner of 2 straight finishes at Brave Combat Federation, Al Daaja has no doubt gained a lot of new fans. His constant development makes him a fighter to watch, so keep an eye on this dude!\


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