Brave 3 Headliner Paulo “Bananada”: Mineiro Will Be Humiliated

On the 18th of March 2017 in Curitiba, one of the most fierce rivalries currently raging in Brazil will reach a boiling point as Boxe Diego Lima’s Lucas “Mineiro” Martins and X-Gym’s Paulo “Bananada” Gonçalves finally step into the cage. The 5 round featherweight bout will serve as the main event of Brave 3: Battle in Brazil.

The two long-time rivals were scheduled to fight twice, but the bout never came off the papers. This seeming constant change of plans has led “Bananada” to believe that Lucas Mineiro doesn’t really want to fight him. But now, they will finally get the chance to settle their differences on Brazilian soil. Bananada, the brash Brazilian who’s a 33-fight veteran has been plaguing Lucas “Mineiro” with a non-stop barrage of accented insults for years.

With less than 3 weeks to Brave 3, Paulo “Bananada”‘s trash talking stepped up as he talks with ArabsMMA :

“I don’t know if he’s mentally weak, it looks for me that he’s a coward, you know. He didn’t want the fight. I’m not sure if I got into his head, but it doesn’t matter, I just wanna hurt him now.”

“Bananada” doesn’t seem to care about home turf advantage that the Chute Boxe fighter has:

“Concerning his Gym and his teammates, this actually an advantage for me. He’s fighting in Chute Boxe hometown. He has to represent them fighting in front of the crowd. All the responsibility is in his hands for this fight.”

“He is not fighting the little kids he trains with, he cannot choose his opponents anymore.”

There’s more, “Bananada” continued the smack-talk to assure Lucas that he’s going to get hurt and humiliated in front of his home crowd, sending him an even more striking message:

“He’s fighting a guy who is going to hurt him bad in front of his crowd. It’d be a really humiliation for him if lose to a like me, an outsider. I’m super excited, I love fights with good crowd, even against me, that’s OK.”

Brave 3: Battle in Brazil is set to take place on March 18th, in Curitiba, state of Paraná, Brazil. The event will mark the first international installment of Brave Combat Federation after two successful events in Bahrain.

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