Brave CF Explores New Nations For 2018

Mohammed Shahid, President of Brave Combat Federation has revealed that the promotion is ambitious to look forward to host editions of Brave in more geographical destinations. Brave Combat Federation has hosted nine events in six nations during the first year of operations. Brave Combat Federation also features 135 athletes from 32 nations. Among the destinations hinted were Europe, Africa and Far East Asia.

“Brave Combat Federation provides opportunity for fighters without distinguishing them. We want mixed martial arts overcome the barrier of nationality and language. Martial arts unites athletes around the world. We aim to become that platform that will truly globalise the sport of mixed martial arts and want to look beyond marketing elements that restricts the sport. We will work close with nations and businesses by adding value to the initiatives. Also we aim to create a social and cultural impact through the sport.”, said Mohammed Shahid in the press conference.

Shahid also acknowledge that the promotion will play a proactive role in galvanising the gaining momentum and social relevance of the organisation. Events will be hosted considering multiple factors. Value creation for the sport and globalising the sport will be the main aim during the year. The Kingdom of Bahrain also announced to host 2018 IMMAF World Championships previously.

“Mixed Martial Arts teaches athletes discipline and the benefits of working hard. It makes the practitioner, healthy and hardworking. MMA fighters do have a social impact and influence. I would encourage fighters to create a positive impact in the society with their influence and social reach”, added Frankie Edgar, Former UFC Champion and veteran martial artist.

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