Luan “Miau” Santiago: “I signed” but Azaitar didn’t accept the fight

Luan Ottman

Crowned as the first Brave Combat Federation lightweight champion, after an impressive TKO finish at Brave 9: The Kingdom of Champions which recently took place in Bahrain, Ottman Azaitar is now heavily under siege from his possible future opponent, Brazilian contender Luan “Miau” Santiago.

Having previously called out Azaitar on multiple occasions, Santiago feels that Azaitar is running away from him, and it’s not the first time Santiago accuses Azaitar of doing so. According to Santiago, a fight-contract offer was presented by Brave Combat Federation for him to fight Azaitar at Brave 9: The Kingdom of Champions. Though he (Santiago) signed the contract, Azaitar dodged the fight and Brave Combat Federation eventually got Azaitar to fight a different opponent according to Luan.

Luan Santiago:

“I was asking to fight Azaitar even before my second fight at Brave CF. At Brave CF 8, I knocked out Igor Soares in Brazil and Brave CF president, Mohammad Shahid, told me that I was going to fight Ottman Azaitar in Bahrain next. Right away, the matchmaker Yousef Nassar contacted my coach and manager Cristiano Marcello saying that I’m going to be fighting Ottman Azaitar next in Bahrain. They sent me the contract, I signed it and waited for some minor details to be arranged. Honestly, I was surprised when I heard that the fight was going to happen because Azaitar had been running away from me for so long, but then I thought there is nowhere he can run now. We kept asking every day about this final adjustment in the contract, but it turned out that he hadn’t accepted the fight. I was offered three other options, all of which ended up not happening as well. I was waiting for that fight in Bahrain, but then I found out that he was fighting Alejandro “El Pato” Martinez instead of me.

Obviously, this did not land well with Santiago, who shared how much he has passionately been representing and giving his all to the Brave CF promotion, unlike Azaitar whom he claims does not appreciate all that the promotion has been doing for him. Luan Santiago wants to become the best at what he does and is pushing hard for the fight he knows he deserves against the current Brave CF lightweight champion. Santiago went on to post a the above photo on his Instagram, mocking Azaitar in the same fashion Conor Mcgregor used with Jose Aldo.

Luan Santiago:

“I felt really disappointed (That the fight didn’t happen). I was one of the athletes that embraced Brave CF 100%. I carried their flag and I worked to sell every event happening here in Brazil or around the world. A lot of Brave CF fans sent me messages, shocked because I wasn’t going to fight for the title. I spend 80% of my day training to be the best and I don’t get why a guy like this who only lives from his social media fame fights for the title. I don’t see him embracing Brave CF as much as I do. Honestly, I don’t remember seeing him show any appreciation for all that the promotion has done for him. Now he’s the one with the belt and I’m going to wait for him to decide to fight?”

The gauntlet has once again been thrown down by Santiago, but apparently is not yet being picked up by Azaitar. It makes no sense why Azaitar wouldn’t want to fight Santiago, especially since Azaitar is not one to back down from a fight. These fighters have the chance to compete in what would be one of the best fights in international Mixed Martial Arts in Brave Combat Federation. Both of them, as well as the fans, need to know who will emerge as the better fighter and the more worthy Brave CF lightweight champion once they square off against each other. Now, it’s in the hands of Brave Combat Federation management to make this fight happen soon enough.

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