Brave Combat Federation, a unique breed of champions

Sometimes it might not be at its strongest, sometimes you might even doubt if it exists, but let me tell you that, there lives a champion within each of us. Feed it, it will never give up, live it and you will achieve your goals and desires. In MMA, in sports, or in life, you need to find the champion in you and trigger it.

Brave Combat Federation has been on a mission, scouting the globe for a unique breed of champions, the type that works hard, shows heart and puts it all on the line when the opportunity comes.

Elias Boudegzdame – The First Brave world champion

Ever since he started training MMA in 2012, Elias Boudegzdame set on a mission to become world champion one day.

After 5 years of fighting, Elias landed a life changing contract with Brave Combat Federation.

On December 2, 2016, Boudegzdame walked into his first fight under Brave Combat Federation banner, standing in his face is X-UFC fighter Walel Watson. In less than 2 minutes, referee Mihail Mihailovic declared Boudegzdame the winner via Kimura. This stoppage put him in title contention.

Brave 4: ‘Unstoppable’ was announced for March 31, 2017 in Abu Dhabi. Boudegzdame was set to face another former UFC fighter, Masio Fullen.

Let me tell you that, this fight was a combination of heart, will power and an ‘Unstoppable’ man on a mission. After nearly getting KO’s (and you gotta see it to believe it) Boudegzdame locked a fight ending Triangle Choke to become the promotion’s first world champion.

On its journey to find more champions with heart, Brave Combat Federation spread its wings to India, Kazakhstan, Mexico and landed in Curitiba, Brazil for another milestone event. Eight events in less than a year is the result of hardwork and stone cold vision that stumbles on nothing.

Carlston Harris – The Champ That Steps In

Carlston Harris is a fighter that showed gratitude to everyone that helped him on his mission to become world champion. Right after being crowned as the promotion’s first welterweight title holder, Harris was all over social media, visiting friends and family who he considered were part of his success.

Yet, being respectful and grateful are not his only attributions. Many times human mind is full of feats and doubts, especially in a sport that is all about being ALFA.
Carlson Harris came into his first fight under Brave as a late replacement for Mohammed Fakhreddine at Brave 3 Brazil. On 2 days notice, he faced the formerly undefeated Thiago Silva and finished the later with ease. Whenever the is strong personal reason to win, one will find great amount of unused resources to use. This kind of fighter is a promoter’s best asset, someone who won’t say no to save the day. But to do it twice in a row ? Now that’s definitly a rare breed right there !

It was time for Brave 8 “ The Rise of Champions “ , an event that was promoted with two title fights on the line. The co-main event was set to feature a long awaited match up between Carl Booth and Mohammed Fakhreddine for the welterweight strap. ‘Bad Luck’ hit Fakhreddine again and the title fight was in danger. Harris got the call, AGAIN, on 2 days notice, made weight and fought his heart out to a decision victory, leaving home with the first ever Brave Combat Federation welterweight belt.

If you are an MMA fan or involved in the MMA scene, you probably already knew the uniqueness of such a fighter, who steps in on short notice, no excuses and gets the job done. We all get opportunities. Who has the best ability to take advantage of opportunities does the best.

Kildson Farias De Abreu – REMEMBER THE NAME

From the Jungle , to the spotlights of fame, KILDSON FARIAS DE ABREU brought the hard work of 6 years away from home, and exchanged it with greatness on August 12, 2017. After successfully making his Brave debut in Abudhabi, submitting Artur Guseinov, Klidson granted a headlining spot at Brave 8 in Brazil. This title fight came with a lot of responsibility, as he was set to face an undefeated German in Timo Feutch. The battle was hyped and promoted as Brazil vs. Germany, re-highlighting the huge tragedy which hit Brazil when they faced Germany and got humiliated in the world cup.

Curitiba was not about to witness another heartbreaking moment, and De Abreu made sure this doesn’t happen. In the second round of this light heavyweight title fight, De Abreu put an end to Feutch’s undefeated streak, submitting him with an armbar from mount.

On that night, Brave Combat Federation crowned two unique champions.

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