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Can Women Train When On Their Period?


A question raised by almost each lady who has recently begun to practice combat sports or who aspires to do so soon.

There’s no science-backed reason to skip a workout when you have your period.

There is no problem in exercising during period, this is confirmed by many experts, who also emphasize the importance of exercise on the body and psychological feeling of women.

Women are usually afraid of combat sports movements during menstruation, fearing bleeding or severe leakage of blood, while doctors and specialists confirm that women lose around 60ml of blood per month. An amount not large enough to affect a woman’s physical activity. Doctors also suggest that the movement has a positive impact on the psyche of women during the period and that most women feel better after exercise.

It may seem like the last thing you want to do when you have your period, but working out can help relieve the symptoms that make getting your period so annoying in the first place

It is always better to alleviate exercising during the period, bearing in mind pathological cases that haunt the body such as headaches, nausea, and extreme fatigue. You can practice light sports such as walking or light jogging, and light sparring, and stay away from carrying heavy weights.

The reason why women in general feel tired and weak before the period is because of the progesterone hormone that works before its offset in order to prepare a woman’s body for a possible pregnancy. The amount of progesterone peaks near the 21st day (in a 28-day cycle). This causes water retention in the body and growth of the breast lobules (milk glands).

Case in point: when you sweat, water leaves the body, which can relieve uncomfortable belly bloat. Exercise also releases mood-boosting endorphins, which evidence suggests might at least take your mind off discomfort or pain.

Iron levels also declines in a woman’s body during her period, so women who exercise should increase their intake foods rich in iron, such as red meat, almonds, or compensate for the missing element by taking the right supplements.

Healthy methods are significantly important during the period, we recommend using anti-bacterial hygienic products to maintain body purity in general. You can use SAFEGUARD Soap Bars for a perfect care and clean results during periods each month.

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