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Interview | Chahe Yerevanian Talks Desert Force 19 Events

Desert Force 19 - Mohammad Karaki Vs Ibrahim El Sawi - 39

In conceivably the biggest fight of the year and the headliner of Desert Force 19 which took place last week [Monday December 7, 2015] in Cairo, one of the sport’s greatest Arab champions made history.

Mohammad “O Lutador” Karaki dethroned the former middleweight champion Ibrahim Elsawi in a 3 round title fight that showcased a new version of Team Shogun’s warrior. Karaki (6-0) extended his career-high unbeaten streak to 6 wins and zero losses, the cleanest record under the Desert Force promotion. All this maturity in style can only be credited to the people around Mohammad, his teammates, and his official sponsor and biggest fan, Mr. Chahe Yerevanian of Sayfco Holding.

Mohammad Karaki Holding the Desert Force Light Heavyweight and Middleweight Shields
Mohammad Karaki Holding the Desert Force Light Heavyweight and Middleweight Shields

The moment Yerevanian decided to adopt this sport, the Middle Eastern MMA scene has been moving forward in leaps and bounds and historical events rose one after the other.

From the sold-out Desert Force Lebanon with more than 6,000 people attending, to the crowning of Mohammad Karaki as the first ever Desert Force Champion to hold two titles in different divisions, something that Chahe himself had mentioned and wished for earlier this year.

“Congratulations to Lebanon”

stated Yerevanian, a humble and classy businessman after we congratulated him and his team for this successful achievement. A truly supportive individual, Chahe did not stop at only financial and mental support, he made his way to the cage in person to stand by the side of his fighter.

“As usual, a great atmosphere and a great fight. I was really happy to be in the corner Karaki, a much different experience compared to the TV or attending at the Arena. I salute Mhammad, he has proven he’s not only a ground fighter, but also a legit striker. Those who trully understand the sport will find the decision clear with not controversy at all. His next opponent will need to recalculate and think twice before taking up a stand up fight against him.

Right after the fight, Elsawi met up with COO Zaid Abou Saoud to discuss the decision and the idea behind having Lebanese officials judging the fight made Elsawi’s camp uncomfortable. A rematch was in discussion, yet no official date was set.

“I understand objecting about this issue, they are definitely right. But the decision and the performance of Karaki left no doubts, he went the extra mile! Team shogun showed the fight to experts in the business and they assured us that Karaki won. Elsawi needed a KO to win this one !

Yerevanian ended this interview with big hopes that 2016 will have even greater achievements for MMA in the region and Lebanon in particular. His doors are open to all the talents that work hard enough to achieve there dreams.

“I know how much fighters train to reach this level, all fighters have my respect. Of course my continuous support for Team Shogun in this new year. Loyalty is key, they showed it and I will surely show it back.
As Sayfco and Chahe, I will support who ever wants to collaborate with Team shogun, I will support them financially and morally.”

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