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Silva on Suleiman: Training with Huerta doesn’t make him Huerta

Desert Force 15 was set to take place in Abu Dhabi on January 26


Desert Force 15 was set to take place in Abu Dhabi on January 26 with an anticipated Match up pitting Suleiman Vs Silva in a talent welterweight match up. The event was then moved to February 9, and good news is the fight card is still solid!

A super pumped Silva shares his thoughts on his upcoming fight against Tarek Suleiman (3-2), and also talks about fighting again in Desert Force after a long layoff.

“When I was invited to fight Desert force 15, I got excited since I haven’t stepped in the cage since my fight with Abdelali Aityachu . Desert Force Matchmaker asked me if I wanted to fight Tarek Suleiman in december and my answer was YES right away.”

Both fighters had recently met in Thailand as Silva was on a training camp when he was scheduled to face Medjdoub in Desert Force 13. This fight was canceled as Abdel couldn’t make weight. This was nevertheless a chance for Silva to see a bit of Tarek’s game as they shared a training session at Thailand’s Tiger Muay Thai.

“We were in the same training session and he was training closely with Roger Huerta. “Thailand”, “Roger huerta” … Here’s the thing: he is not a Thai Muay Thai fighter and no he is not Roger Huerta”


What’s his specialty? I don’t know, I didn’t see any.

Both fighters had previously competed in higher weight categories. Suleiman known for fighting at middleweight asked to take this bout at welterweight according to Silva.

“I fought Abdelali Aityachu on the 93kg weight class, on two days notice! and I would take that fight again. I would fight Tarek on the 84 if he wants. He asked DF to fight at this weight (77). I just hope he makes it. I really hope he makes it. I will be there, 77. on the mark waiting for him.”

A lot of the Arab MMA fans might not know this but along side training with the most talented people at American Top Team, training Jiu Jitsu for over 20 years and being a black belt under American Top Team, Silva started training MMA in brazil for almost 10 years now with 3 pro fights and many amateur fights in his bag.

“I am really prepared for this fight. Training and living among the most talented Fighters in the world makes me confident. If someone says he is a good fighter because he is in a certain place training with certain people for a couple months… well, thats cute. lol”

“I would also like to thank Palm Sports for sponsoring me and supporting me for my upcoming fight at Desert Force 15”

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