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Desert Force 13 Abu Dhabi, Fight Night Recap


As expected, Desert Force 13 was the most entertaining Desert Force event yet. The much anticipated fights not only lived, but exceeded audience expectations. This one had a mixture of finishes, decisions and lots of drama, full of action packed on the card.

Mohammad Abed vs Muhamed Isaev
The opening fight was between Mohammad Abed and Muhamed Isaev with Isaev replacing Mohammad Hassan just hours before the start of the event to save the show. Talk about late notice! Isaev probably set a new record and showed that he is a true, true fighter. However, the obviously more prepared Abed pulled off a rear-naked choke submission victory in the second round.

Mohammad Triki vs Silvester Saba
Next, it was an anticipated fight between the Desert Force Al Academia graduates, Mohammad Triki and Silvester Saba with the winner very possibly being next in line for a title shot. Both these guys brought it, but Triki emerged on top, delivering much more effective damage to Saba and earning a unanimous decision victory which puts him right in the middle of the spotlight at 70 KG light weight division.

Abdelali Yachou vs Amir Ismail
The third was the fight between Moroccan Abdelali Yachou vs the Egyptian Amir Ismail at light-heavy weight. The fight was a blast for the fans all the way to the third round where Abdelali managed to finish it early by delivering a series of unforgiving elbows to end the fight by TKO.

Rami Aziz vs Elias Boudegzdame
Fight number four was a technical encounter between Rami Aziz vs Elias Boudegzdame. Rami was able to emerge with a decision victory after three rounds of back and forth between the two.

Tarek Suleiman vs Mahmoud Salama
Five was Tarek Suleiman vs Mahmoud Salama with both fighters coming off losses. Suleiman dominated Salama and proved that he is a force to be reckoned with at 84 KG middle weight division, finishing Salama off in the second round by way of TKO due to strikes.

Mohammad Karaki vs Hossin Mollamahdi
The sixth, Mohammad Karaki from Lebanon vs Hossin Mollamahdi from Iran, started off with the Iranian trying to going for a cheap shot, a hook to the face of Karaki who was trying to touch gloves. Be it intentional or not, Karaki showed super skills and looked very good as a middle weight, finishing the fight in the first round by way of arm bar/triangle submission.

Mohammad Yahya vs Ali Alnaemi
One of the fights the viewers had most been waiting for, fight number seven with Mohammad Yahya vs Ali Alnaemi, was a slobber knocker due to the social media war Alnaemi attempted to ignite with Yahya through a video addressed and taunting Yahya. It was such a back and forth fight with both these guys fighting to the point where they’re gassed out and pushing it on fumes. Alnaemi delivered an illegal knee to a grounded opponent in the first round and received a point deduction. He then again knocked Yahya down with a big right hand. However, Yahya refused to quit and was able to turn fortune in his favor in the second round, leaving Naemi unable to make it to the third.

Georges Eid vs Mohammad Fakhreddine
The co-main event, fight number eight, also lived up to its hype. It was Lebanon vs Lebanon with Georges Eid vs Mohammad Fakhreddine. Eid had taken the fight on 9 day notice and looked solid against Fakhreddine. Late in the second round, however, Fakhreddine mounted Eid and delivered a series of punches with the referee stopping the fight only one or two seconds before the round ended. To make things worse, Fakhreddine finished the round limping back to his corner. Eid and his corner reacted furiously to the decision. Doubtlessly, Eid has huge heart and wanted to carry on with the fight no matter what. Still, many have a legitimate argument that says that Fakhreddine ended the fight with a fair and correct stoppage from the referee because Eid was not really making a lot of movement or effort to protect himself. All in all, Fakhreddine emerged as the winner at his 77 KG welterweight debut.

Ibrahim El Sawi vs Abdullah Bou Hamdan
The last fight and main event, Ibrahim El Sawi vs Abdullah Bou Hamdan, promised us fire-works and delivered! Both these guys took no time to test the waters and went at it from the start. The fight was intense with big blows landing and the fight possibly ending any second. El Sawi seemingly had studied Hamdan more and was able to land a very well timed left over-hook that connected to Hamdan and put his lights out, delivering a huge knock out and becoming the Desert Force middle weight 84 KG champion. It was an emotional win for El Sawi who has been in deep battles on the path to winning the shield. He doubtlessly deserves it.

Desert Force 13 had a mixture of everything. The fights and card is only becoming better and better with time, leaving the fans already excited for Desert Force 14. Thanks for tuning in, we hope you enjoyed.

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  • عجبتني هاي الجملة “and was able to land a very well timed left over-hook that connected to Hamdan and put his lights out”

    يعني بالعربي عما ظووا هههههههههه

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