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Desert Force 15: “I Don’t Fight To Earn Points, I Fight To End Bouts,” Says Serge Saad


ArabsMMA had the chance to speak to Shogun’s Serge Saad who will be facing French Lois Cadet at Desert Force Abu Dhabi taking place on February 9.

Serge kicked off his martial arts career early in 2010 when he started Japanese Jiu-jitsu training with Ace Jiu-Jitsu team, under the “World Ju-Jitsu Federation” – Germany. In 2013, Serge joined Shogun team and started Muay Thai, followed by MMA, Boxing and Wrestling. Saad then competed in local and international events in Jiu-Jitsu, Wreslting, and MMA, before taking part in “Desert Force – Al Academiya” Season 2 on MBC Action where he displayed great grappling and submission skills.

My experience in Al Academiya was very favorable, and I profited from it on many levels. Handled by the biggest MMA promotion in the Middle East and aired on one of the best TV channels out there, this show is being key to promoting the sport and taking it even further as the industry grows.

Engaging with fighters from different countries and backgrounds had a positive influence on all members of the show no doubt. Not only that, but we had the chance to learn more about Jordan and visit historical attractions, which are of great interest to me personally.

Adding a cherry on top of that, I was very glad that Bardawil managed to snatch the title, it’s an honor that he is from my country.

“Being the strongest will not win you fights” that’s one thing I learned

Despite his loss to Yaser Zaid in the Semi-Finals of the show, Serge impressed Desert Force officials and showed great potential earning him a spot in the upcoming Desert Force show taking place in Abu Dhabi. This will be Serge’s first professional fight after taking part of the amateur TV show. His opponent Lois Cadet had made his debut at Desert Force where he came up short yet showed a good overall performance.

I am always excited before my fights. I won’t hide it though, him being European with a rich background, with Shooto and BJJ making him even more equipped. Serious mode is on like never before this time. I watched his fights, and seriously studied his game. I don’t fight to earn points, I fight to end bouts. I promise a lot of action and high level of technique in this fight.


An appreciative Saad took the time to show his gratitude to all the members supporting him, especially reputable Master Sami Kiblawi who runs the school and supervises all the team members, not forgetting his manager Louai who gives his fighters them the right mindset for them to concentrate solely on fighting.

I have a side job besides fighting, but am taking some off time to concerntate on my next fight. Master Sami is always pushing me forward and supervising every step until fight night. Kru Ali, my striking coach has been more than helpful, giving me his all and also impriving my conditioning. My teammates Moh. Karaki And Ghorabi have always been an inspiration to me and are always around to spar with me and get me ready. Hopefully I can accomplish what they’ve done so far.

Ending this interview, Saad reassures our reporter that Shogun will always reign on top and export top level fighters no doubt

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