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Mohammad Ghorabi Vs Mounir Lazzez For The Vacant Welterweight Title?

Desert Force has been through a rough year in terms of injuries to key fighters on major cards.

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Desert Force 14 event was by far one of the most stirring events through desert force history, with most of the finishes coming by way of submissions, and a title fight ending with a brisk KO by Aziz Julaidan. That is not to mention the entertaining debutants who showcased some great skills on undercard as well.

Desert Force has been through a rough year in terms of injuries to key fighters on major cards.

The company’s debut show in KSA had the perfect line-up, as welterweight champion Aniss Al Hajjajy was set to defend his title against Mohammad Ghorabi. But Ghorabi had to pull out of the fight due to a last minute staph infection.

In an interview with ArabsMMA’s Zahi Ephrem, the former welterweight champ Anis AL Hajjajy announced that he will give up his shield and drop to light weight, his preferred weight class and so he did. He is now set to face Gabriel Tayeh in Desert Force 15 in a first of its kind ‘black belts’ fight in Desert Force.

Now let’s get back to business! The welterweight title is vacant, and two of the best pound for pound strikers in Desert Force are hungry to snatch it. The undefeated Ghorabi is now fully recovered after his infection and is hungrier than ever to grab this shield.

Not so surprising, but he is not the only person who is after this belt. Welterweight phenom Mounir Lazzez was next in line for a title shot and what better timing for this epic fight to happen! No matter which way you calculate this equation, this vacant spot will surely fit one of these two. Few may disagree on this!

Ghorabi dismantled Bechir Majri in his latest fight proving once again that he is here to stay. Lazzez on the other hand has had two consecutive highlight reel head kick knockouts that speak for themselves.

When this fight will happen, one of these warriors will remain undefeated and will be crowned as the undisputed Desert Force welterweight champion! And in my opinion, the winner between Ghorabi and Lazzez will be the baddest man to step foot in Desert Force Cage. Period.

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  • winner of Fakherdine vs. Silawi fights the winner of this fight for the vacant title

  • Despite my persona opinon l that this game will not take place ( everyone secretly knows why ) , the title fight has to be between the winner of the 2 bouts that ja3bary talked about ……

      • Ghorabi vs Lazzez would be very appealing to watch, in fact its a fight between raw power vs sharp technique…if lazzez mannaged to contain Ghorabis aggresivity he willachieve an easy victory ….with all due respect and encouragement this fight will be very difficult for Ghorabi .

        • If mirza is wise enough, he will schedule this fight before either of these fighters decidez to change his weight division. Should this fight take place, it would be a must watch. What do you think?

          • Lazzez wants to drop his weight, but I doubt Ghorabi will since he already dropped weight (he used to fight in middle weight 84kgs) His Desert Force debut came against Sawi where he knocked his teeth out. I was there when it happened it was fucking amazing

  • I saw the fight (Sawi against Ghorabi). It ended much quicker than I thought. Sawi claims it was a lucky shot from Ghorabi. Sawi is an excellent fighter but he is full of excuses if he loses.

  • The best fighter in all desert force is Aniss hajjajy …He is si modest but so aggressive …He wasn’t lose yet in the desert force .. ghorabi wouldn’t fight him last time …cause Morocco is very smart before using his body …

  • I think this will be great Fight , cant wait to watch it اللزاز ذكي و تكنيك عالي والغربي وحش كاسر

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