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Desert Force GP Finals Recap – Mahmoud Salama vs. Abdallah Abou Hamdan


ArabsMMA had earlier picked this fight as a potential Fight of the Night. Two bangers who always leave everything they have in the Octagon.

Salama seemed to initially rely on a counter striking game, throwing a combination of left jab, right cross and kick whenever Hamdan would throw a punch. Salama took down Hamdan in the first round although he would quicklyregret that decision as Hamdan worked for an armbar that he looked dangerously close to achieving. Once both fighters were on their feet again, the audience was treated to a flurry of punches from both fighters, a crisp superman punch by the Egyptian that landed square and a choke attempt by Hamdan that looked very dangerous just at the end of the first round. Had the round gone on for another ten seconds, it is very likely that the Egyptian would have tapped or gone to sleep.

The choke attempt left its mark though. When Salama got back up to go his corner he looked dazed.

At the start of the 2nd round Salama took down Hamdan and had him in a guillotine choke that wasn’t fully sunk in. Hamdan seemed content to be patient and let the Egyptian gas his arms whilst he would regain his strength. After working their way back to their feet, it was Hamdan’s turn to take down Salama and deliver a vicious barrage of ground and pound trying to punch Salama’s head through the canvas! Salama was again saved by the bell on this occasion but looked worse for wear. His corner had to help him to his feet and onto his stool and when he couldn’t answer the bell for the third round the doctor put a stop to the proceedings. Wow!!!

This fight had it all, knockdowns, chokes, armbars and crunching strikes all delivered at a blistering pace! Without a doubt, our fight of the night!

Result: Abdallah Abou Hamdan, Round 2, Doctor Stoppage


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