Did Mohammed Mirza Leave Desert Force?

Mohammed Mirza, arguably the most recognizable face of Desert Force, is rumoured to have stepped away from the organization.

Rumours were abound that a disagreement between Mohammed and his two other co-founders, Zaid Mirza and Zaid Abu Saoud, led to Mohammed Mirza leaving the most recent season of Academia mid-filming. He wasn’t to be seen apparently at the conclusion of the show.

He was also noticeably absent from Desert Force 23 that took place last month in Beirut having never missed a single Desert Force Al Muwajaha show. If the rumours are indeed true it will be very interesting to see what happens next. As the Managing Director and CEO of Desert Force his possible departure will raise a huge number of questions. Who will replace him? Are the other two co-founders still part of the team? What led to him leaving the organization? Etc……

ArabsMMA will try to reach out to the Desert Force Management for comment. Watch this space!

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