Egyptian Fighting Championship

EFC | Egyptian Fighting Championship is the premier mixed martial arts event in Egypt. EFC is an ultra-realistic, full contact fighting game that brings all styles of mixed martial arts to gather in the Octagon , Featuring a lot of fighters in Egypt, each with their own specific talents and temperaments, just about anything goes. Egyptian Fighting Championship features the strongest fighters in Egypt. EFC is an organization aimed at promoting the played the MMA and the arrival of the players and coaches to the World.


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  • iam a american boxing and kickboxing coach..i have a boxing gym in alexandria egypt..i can help ur fighters learn how to strike american style…my facebook page is..american professional boxing and kick boxing academy (captain sultan) 01282582740 call me if want my help..ur brother…sultan abduallah

  • This is me, coach Bedo, I’ve got much experience in special kick boxing attacks, special marine boxing attacks, SS training, Boxing and much more, contact my business manager : coach : Mosab 01122333905 or 01114845599. training in Cairo , Tanta and Alexandria , El mansoura and more 🙂

  • hello, i am an american mma fighter that has just moved to alexandria egypt one week ago. i am looking for a mma, kickboxing, boxing gym where i can train and possibly teach. i have been in mma for 5 1/2 years. please add me on facebook name robbie forthman.

  • I’m a kong-fu fighter and new in mma. I would like to learn more and fight more fights to reach the academy and then the title. Please feed me back with any details…because i’m really addicted with this game. Waiting for your response. Bye.