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Elias “Predator” Baaklini returns to Desert Force Dubai Against Rachid Metlouti!

Elias Baaklini is back after recovering from his should injury for over a season and will be facing French/Tunisian Rachid Metlouti at the upcoming Desert Force show in Dubai!

metl(1)Rachid, a newcomer to Desert Force, has a 100% amateur three fight record in France and is known for always delivering crowd pleasing barn stormers! A proficient boxer, he unsurprisingly likes to keep his fights standing where he can showcase his striking skills and introduce his opponent to his fists repeatedly. With knockout power galore, expect sparks to fly from this fighter!

Facing him will be Elias “The Predator” Baaklini from the renowned Shogun gym in Beirut. Elias has been kept away from the cage for almost two years ever since suffering a nasty shoulder injury at his Desert Force debut.Alot of the fans didn’t know what happened in that fight , thining that Baaklini tapped because of the strikes delivered!! Yet little did they know!! After slowly working his way back to fitness and receiving the doctors clearance, Elias made his triumphant return to the cage at the Pro MMA Cage Fight Night recently where he demolished his opponent in less than a minute and delivered some of the most vicious looking ground and pound!It seems that Baaklini will stick to fighting as a heavy weight after he started his MMA journey fighting as a light heavyweight!

This fight has all the ingredients for an early “Fight of the Night” contender with both fighters will be going in looking to finish this fight. Rachid will want to keep this one standing, but Elias might want to exploit his advantage on the ground.Heavy Artillery will hit the cage and once its on , no one will stand between those two monsters!!! In any case, the GCC fight fans are in for a treat!

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