Lebanon’s Fakhreddine supporting MMA in Syria

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When he’s not finishing fights inside the Brave cage, Welterweight star Mohammad Fakhreddine is supporting the expansion of mixed martial arts in Middle East in other ways. Born in Lebanon to a Syrian mother, “The Latest” is helping Syria with the process of MMA legalization. He’s been invited to hold seminars there as the country prepares to introduce MMA to its list of legal sports.

Fakhreddine has been in contact with Syrian martial artists through their Muay Thai federation and after his lessons with local fighters, he was positively impressed with the level of their athletes.

“The Syrian Muay Thai Federation invited me to hold a few seminars there just as they’re preparing to open up MMA in the country and legalize it. Their people have been through a lot and need something to take their minds off of it. MMA is perfect for that. I was impressed with the level there. They’re all warriors during training, man. I feel like with the right coaching and direction we can see a lot of talent coming out of Syria really soon. It was a great experience”, said Fakhreddine, who has admitted he would like to fight in Syria one day.

“Man, that would be great. Syria is like a second country to me, the people are always very nice to me, and it looks very different from everything we see on TV. My mother is Syrian so I appreciate everything there. A Brave event in Syria would take things to another level there. It would be awesome.”

Mohammad Fakhreddine is one of Brave’s finest Welterweight fighters, boasting a 2-0 record within the organisation, knocking out Brazil’s Vinicius “Thunder” Cruz and Poland’s Lukasz Witos. His overall MMA record is 10-1 and is currently on a six-fight win streak.

Watch his latest fight at Brave 6 Kazakhstan

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