Mohammad Ghorabi Wants To Compete at Lightweight

ghorabi fighting at lightweight

Mohammad Ghorabi, of Lebanon, known for his bulky physique and heavy hits has decided to drop to another weight division, Lightweight. For no reason other than the want to try, this Arab fighter, with the record of six wins and 4 losses, is attempting what is almost unknown to others in the region. The sport of MMA is relatively new to the Middle East and hardly anyone has had time to try to compete in different weight divisions, let alone 3.

Ghorabi made his pro MMA debut at middleweight (84kgs). Most of you remember the significant knock out he provided his opponent, the Egyptian Ibrahim Elsawi, when he made his Desert Force debut at middleweight. He went on to continue his career at 77kgs, winning Al Academiya Season 1 Welterweight title and fighting 6 other bouts. Now, out of a want to test his skills, discipline, this Lebanese beast is comfortable dropping to 70kgs. That is a 14kg difference to when he started his MMA pro career!

Division changes may lead a fighter to find themselves in a much better suited weight category. It might actually be a very nice fit for his body type and height, though many will be surprised to hear so. Some may question the move however, after he recently lost his last two martial arts fights. One in MMA against Claudio Cezario in Phoenix 1,Dec 2016, and the other in a Muay Thai bout against David Willmot in Phoenix 2, April 2017. But never the less it could provide him with faster agility, reflexes, and he could possibly remain a heavy hitter in comparison to his lightweight counterparts.

All in all, fighter are free to play with their weight and try the different categories. Some will find it a better fit, others may not. Some have ruled in multiple divisions, others have enjoyed the challenge. Whatever the reasons are for doing so, no one need to know. Let’s see how our very own Arab fighter, Ghorabi, does with transitioning into his third weight division.

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