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We’ve seen MMA fighters both past and present display more and more of their frustrations publicly. With a handful of Desert Force fighters having Visa issues lately just days before their fight date, it has been difficult to prove if they held any grievances towards the promotion. Come February 10, when the featherweight title fight was announced ” Julaidan VS Kooheji”.

A lot of fans, especially from Jordan were asking for a rematch for over a year between Julaidan And Al Selwady, ever since Abdulkareem Al Selwady, the former champion failed to defend his title. Yet, a rematch with Julaidan was too hard to market. It’s a fair point.

The hype up for this fight and the promotion on Al Academiya produced a 24-second show. The question all the fighters are asking is: Why is Desert Force skipping all the other featherweight contenders?

Desert Force featherweight fighters took the Social Media to sound off with their thoughts:

Desert Force MMA Championship ديزرت فورس heads back to the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia ( #KSA) with three possible title fights on the card ! #Saudi #Title_Fights #DesertForce #ArabsMMA

Posted by Arabs MMA on Thursday, February 11, 2016


Among those who shared their thoughts is Al Batal Winner Walid Seghir. Seghir, who had a successful debut at Desert Force debut, believes that Julaidan hasn’t fought tough opponents yet. After calling out the champ, here’s what he had to say.

Walid Seghir:

Julaidan is weak and protected he has to fight tough guys: Rami Aziz, Elias Bougdezdame, Chabane Chaibedra or me ! If you not he is à fake champ with fake fights!

I fought against a Guy with 8-3 no 0-0 0-1 2-1 or 3-1 like Julaidan used to fight. Rami aziz has 4 fights in desert force and Elias why no title shot for them !? Because nobody wants to see him chocked in the 1st round in front of his crowd in KSA, instead that he is fighting a good amateur in his next fight!

Aziz Julaidan Will Defend His Shield Against Hamza Kooheji in the #DesertForce #KSA Main Event!#MMA #SaudiArabia #Bahrain #Switzerland #KHKMMA

Posted by Arabs MMA on Friday, February 12, 2016


La Bonne Ecole, Elias Boudegzdame’s fight team:

Who is this guy? This title means nothing. One guy is unknown and the other never fought! Desert Force clearly knows who could be the REAL champ! I know that you know it!

THROWBACK | The Day Aziz Julaidan Became Champion in 24 seconds ! Will he be able to defend his title ?!اللحظة التي توج بها #السعودي #عزيز_جليدان كبطل الديزرت فورس ٢٤ ثانية

Posted by Arabs MMA on Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Rami Aziz, who is also coming off a recent victory at Desert Force 20 in Dubai, has been busy lately firing shots at Abdulkareem Selwady. Here’s his reply to Walid Seghir’s comment in which he says that Rami Aziz, Elias Boudegzdame, Ezzedine Al Derbane, and himself are coming for Julaidan.

Rami Aziz:

The eveloution of MMA in middle east. From bollywood to Amman!

I’m first on line to send Amitabh Bachchan “Selwady” to retirement.

Ezzedine Al Derbane, who has himself called out for the champ after his Desert Force 20 victory:

I’m coming With the real fighters of mixed martial arts Rami

And Elias Boudegzdame again:

My passport is ready!

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