FitRepublik Launches MMA Fight Camp In Association With UFC Fighter Rani Yahya

FitRepublik MMA Fight Camp


[box type=”shadow”] About FitRepublik
Renowned for their full range state-of-the-art sports facility and an Olympic size pool, FitRepublik Gym is one of the largest fitness centers in the UAE running about 500-600 group exercises a week including martial arts. The gym is known to employ more than 58 coaches holding more than 168 national and international titles between them. Less than one year since its inauguration, FitRepublik has gained a well-deserved reputation for their top-level martial arts training facilities, headed by multiple Jiu Jitsu champion and MMA practitioner Alex Nacfur. [/box]

FitRepublik is organizing a four week MMA fight camp during which amateur fighters will go through rigorous training to work on strength, conditioning, cardio, and martial arts skills, concluded by a fight day event during which participants put their skills to test. The meticulous training program designed by FitRepublik’s experts and internationally acclaimed coaches will help the fighters develop all aspects of the fighting game, striking(boxing, kickboxing, thaiboxing), transitions (takedowns), and ground game (BJJ/No Gi).

Destined to produce a stream of elite fighters, FitRepublik has joined hands with none other than UFC fighter Rani Yahya (21-8 MMA) to conduct the opening week of the camp.

Needless to introduce to martial arts fans, Rani Yahya is a submission specialist no doubt, with 21 wins in 29 fights, 14 by submission. Yahya’s goal is always to finish his opponents with joint locks or chokes when they hit the ground. Since the beginning of his career, the Constrictor Team product has been trying to showcase the excellent ground skills taught to him by professor Ataide Junior, and has grown to become one of the finest coaches out there.

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About the fight camp:
The first half of the training camp will include long low intensity workouts. The intensity of the workout will increase in the middle of the training camp, and the declining the last week leading up to the fight.

In the ending week of the training camp the participants are required on mull over the training that continues for a period of the four weeks. By this time the fighter should have developed their strength and must have become confident to compete in a battle.

The training camp, starting on the 25th of October all through the 21st of November, will be open to both the members of the gym as well as the non-members of the gym. The cost for the 1 month camp is AED 2400. Places are limited to sixteen adults, please contact FitRepublik (+971 4 556 1800) at the soonest to register for the camp.

The classes span across two shifts: The morning session (7am – 8am) where participants work on strength and conditioning, and the evening session (7pm – 9pm) focusing on martial arts training.

The fighters will be split into two categories, 80+ Kg, and 80- Kg.

The four weeks of vehement training program put things in perspective. Participants should feel that they have reached the peak of the training and competent enough physically, mentally, and emotionally. By the end of the four weeks, members of each category will compete against each other under amateur MMA rules, marking the end of the camp.

Fit Republik - 37 will be your go to source for all on FitRepublik fight camp. Please contact us or leave a reply in the comments section below if you require any clarifications.

[box type=”shadow”] About Rani Yahya
Rani Yahya is a current UFC fighter in the featherweight division, and Jiu Jitsu black belt fighter under the Athaide junior. In 2007, he won the prestigious title of best wrestler in the ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championship. He won this in the sixty-six kilograms division. Inspired by his parents, Rani Yahya was introduced to martial arts through Judo when he was four years old. Yahya was the world’s youngest champion when he won the Mundial in the blue belt juvenile genre. He bagged this title at a young age of fourteen years. To promote MMA fighting, Rani travels the world looking for enthusiasts to share the experience with.

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  • AED 2400 just for the camp and the rest will pay for it or including everything?

    • Hi Chadi,

      Thanks for your comment

      2400 includes everything (morning session and afternoon session, training with Rani Yahya, access to the facility, fights)

      What are you refering to by the rest?

  • the rest I meant like food and the place where to sleep..
    And do we have to apply for the visa and try to reserve a ticket for the 25th of October or you will help us to provide it.. Thanks

    • Hello Chadi,

      The fight camp consists of the training sessions only (strength and conditioning in the morning and martial arts in the evening).

      Food and accommodation are not provided by FitRepublik.

      Please let us know if you have more questions.


  • The fighters will be split into two categories, 80+ Kg, and 80- Kg >>>

    my weight is 60 kg Does this mean i can do the amateur fight

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