Georges Bardawil: Rahal’s Arm Almost Popped / Massoud Lucky Not To Face Me


Tristar Gym Lebanon representative George Bardawil, the other Lebanese at bantamweight who went through Al Academiya 2 elimination round admitted that he did some mistakes which got him into an undesirable situation. Even though the bloodied Bardawil managed to Submit Rahal Laariou, all that could have been avoided had the armbar been tuned and done a bit more properly.

Bardawil could have played more wittily, but then again, he showed big heart!

“My fight against Rahal was surely tough one for me. He landed a head kick in the early seconds which almost stunned me. His kicks are fast but I managed to neutralize that with my Jits and go for multiple submissions attempts. Yet the whole cage and being accepted to the Academy got to me and I did my share of mistakes.”

Also that same Episode we saw another Lebanese make it through this round with a different yet legit striking style. Philipe Massoud took the decision after a very good and safe performance. It was only logical that Bardawil was tactically watching this fight as this fighter could be his next opponent.

Bardawil on Philipe Massoud:

“Philipe is a calm and smart fighter. He never loses his concentration which is a rare trait in amateur fighters. Yet, he should be thankful he didn’t face me, or he would have been on his way home by now”

Talk about an indirect threat ladies and gents! In most cases, viewers would not want to see two fighters from the same country enter the cage, but ask me again and i’ll tell you this: Bardawil VS Massoud is the match I wanna see next!

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