Philippe Massoud Outperforms Siddiki/ Undaunted by Bardawil

The fourth episode of Al Academiya 2 rumbled on Monday evening featuring 6 elimination bouts


The fourth episode of Al Academiya 2 rumbled on Monday evening featuring 6 elimination bouts with 6 new contestants being accepted to enter the show, and 6 others heading back home. Philip Massoud was the 7th fighter to be greeted in after defeating Khalid Siddiki and proving that he belongs! Massoud the striker hailing from Lebanon managed to shutdown Siddiki’s grappling game with Takedown defenses and sweeps, ending the fight with a mounted position.

“This fight was a bit hard for me, as I had to face a Jiu Jitsu black belt. In this case I had to keep my base down, forget about my high kicks and stick to boxing this guy. Things went as planned yet I was physically tired from all the challenges making my pounding not so heavy.”

Yup almost! Most of the fighters who were complaining about the physical work they did before actually throwing the first punch actually lost. But with will and determination, Massoud managed to conquer his pain.

“I am glad that all three of us Lebanese who arrived on the same plane and were accepted into the Academy”

Three Lebanese fighters had arrived to Amman with one purpose only, enter the Academy and Win the title. Yet it seems that his will not be the case as two of them are in the same category, will have to set the record straight and enter the same cage and sooner or later.

But Massoud seems to be confident that Bardawil will not be his hardest challenge after seeing all the other fighters.

“I met Bardawil for the first time on the plane. He did good in his fight also finding his way to choke Rahal. We are both in the bantamweight division but he is not threat to me. I am better in the striking department and can surely handle his Jiujitsu.”

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