Haider Rasheed Vs. Tareq Hamdi Rumored For Desert Force in April


The Desert Force Championship has hosted a vast amount of events throughout the course of the last 360 days, showcasing some of the best mixed martial artists (MMA) in the Middle East.

Throughout that year, the lighweight division witnessed the crowning of the first ever Desert Force lightweight champion Haider Racheed after submitting Al bossairy early in the first round of the fight. Since then, the division has been struggling to find a challenger for the current champ. Then came Al Academiya Show which graduated 2 champions in 2 different weight classes, one of which is Lightweight Tarek Hamdi!

Little is known about the possibility of this fight happening between Racheed and Hamdi, yet rumor has it that this fight will happen along with another title defense featuring Welterweight Champion Aniss Al Hajjajy Vs Mohamad Ghorabi.

Haider Racheed:

I dnt mind fighting Tarek Hamdeh , as long as he doesn’t bite me. I just want to fight , its been a while and i am cage sick 😀

In a previous interview with Haider, he mentioned that Tarek Surely didn’t deserve to win Al Academiya title and for that reason, his chance of a title shot are very slim. yet things seem to be going differently this month. this fight could possible take place at Desert Force 12 or Desert force 13 in May.

So if Ghorabi got a title shot, does this mean that Tareq Hamdi deserves one too?

More about this rumored title fight pitting Desert Force “Al Academiya” lightweight title holder Tarek Hamdi and the current Desert Force lightweight Champ Haider Racheed. Stay tuned on

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  • ما بتوقع هالفايت تصير في ابريل, لأنو طارق حمدي عنده بطولة بوكسنج أتوقع هالكم يوم

    بالنسبة لحيدر رشيد صاير حكيو كتير ويتفلسف ومو عاجبه حدا بهالوزن ,, فوزه الأخير على البصيري خلاه يغتر بحاله للأسف , وهالشي مش بصالحه

    لأنو حيلاقي الشامتين كتار لما يخسر المباراة الجاية .. مجرد رأي 🙂

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