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HE’S BACK | Referee Who Caused Cornerman To Rush In Makes Another Blunder

Exactly one week ago, a referee’s flagrant incompetence let a fighter get choked out long enough to force the cornerman to throw in the towel, jump into the cage, and rescue his fighter.

The incident was recorded during India’s major Super Fight League tournament, when Asha Roka faced Hannah Kampf.

Roka locked in the guillotine and squeezed Kampf’s neck, quickly putting her to sleep. The referee didn’t notice she was out, though, and only intervened after Kampf’s cornerman threw in the towel and entered the cage to stop the fight himself.

Watch it again here:

Well, here he goes again. This time, the same referee allowed a heel to the groin. The illegal move was conducted by a fighter who happens to be the student of the referee, giving him the opportunity to score a submission victory and win the fight.

Watch it here:

Needless to say, this referee should not be officiating fights anymore! The name of the referee is Alan Fernandes and he is not listed among the IMMAF licensed officials.

Oh Wait, we are not done yet. Solomon and the Referee are in this video too. Remember it people ?

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