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Jalal Al Daaja: From Civil Engineer to MMA Icon


The growth of Mixed Martial Arts had been unparalleled in the Middle East during the past couple of years. The surge in popularity had attracted athletes from various levels of the society and the build their careers in the fastest growing sport in the world.

The rise of fighters from Jordan had been a typical example. Among the MMA fighters from Jordan, the story of Jalal Al Daaja is quite unique. Currently signed with Brave Combat Federation, Jalal Al Daaja is set to fight at Brave 10: The Kingdom Rises, which is set to take place in his hometown at Amman, Jordan. The event marks the return of the sport after long, but Jalal had been following the sport throughout.

A qualified civil engineer by profession, Jalal Al Daaja was born in a family who served in the armed forces of Jordan for generations. Though he pursued a successful career of that of a civil engineer, his passion for martial arts was his true calling. Jalal started training Taekwondo with his father at the age of six. Then transitioned into boxing and won the National Boxing Tournament. Jalal kept exploring multiple disciplines including kickboxing to represent the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. And finally it was Mixed Martial Arts that let him feel at home training multiple disciplines and competing against global talent. Jalal is a part of the famous Kingdom Fighters, which is among the top fight teams from Jordan. Competing at the Bantamweight division, Jalal is preparing to face Cristiano Pitpitunge in front of his fans in Jordan. The preparations are going steady as Jalal has set his camp at Tiger Muay Thai Thailand for the event.

The bout has a curious underlying story as Pitpitunge is a Police Officer in Philippines and also a former PXC Bantamweight champion. The bout will showcase the Police Officer facing the Civil Engineer and is observed as a fight that places contrasting professions which are united by the passion towards mixed martial arts. The bout had captured overwhelming response and respect from the public due to the show of mutual respect by both the athletes and avoiding the usual thrash talks to hype the upcoming bout.

“MMA gave me the platform to follow my passion. This enabled me to inspire others to believe in the dreams that they cherish and get on the right path. Such a profession expanded my social circle as I got to know people from different parts of the world, representing different countries and culture. I will follow the path that I have chosen for life.”, said Jalal.

Alongside Jalal, some of the biggest names in Jordan are currently part of the Brave Combat Federation roster. Abdul Kareem Al Selwady, Jarrah Al Silawi and Nawras Abzakh will be representing Jordan at Brave 10: The Kingdom Rises, which will feature 24 athletes representing 14 nations.

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