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The Jordanian Strikes Back after Booth Takes A Crack At Al Selawi’s Chin


With around one month before their fight at Brave 9: The Kingdom of Champions, things are getting even more heated between the two welterweights Carl Booth and Jarrah Al Selawi.

In one of the most anticipated rematches to date, the Englishman, Carl Booth, will look to score yet another win against his rival, the Jordanian Jarrah Al Selawi. The last time these two met was in 2014, when Booth scored an early first round knockout against Al Selawi in Jordan. Since then, however, both Booth and Al-Silawi have had several back to back fights, gained a lot of experience, and have now become completely different fighters with an entirely upgraded set of skills to offer.

With almost 3 years passing since the first time they scrapped, Booth seems certain that he has the ability to finish Al-Silawi in similar fashion. Booth doesn’t seem too interested or impressed in any adjustments Al-Silawi has made to his fight game. He questions Al-Silawi’s chin and knows that it’s the only thing that his opponent cannot improve.

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Carl Booth to MMA UK: “He’s (Jarrah) a lot more well-rounded, but one thing you can’t improve is your chin. I don’t think it’s possible to do that, so I’m confident in another knockout.”

On the other side of the spectrum, Al Selawi is virtually obsessed with getting his sweet revenge over his opponent. Training in Thailand, Al Selawi stated that he has an entirely different approach to his preparation which he is confident will pay dividends come fight time. According to him, Booth just happened to score a well-placed shot in their previous fight.

“It’s been a while since the first fight, and iv’e been waiting for that rematch for a long time. Now after almost 4 years, it’s time to make this fight happen again. Booth said he’s going to knock me out, and to that i tell him, don’t be so confident! I am so hungry to change this memory, it’s going to be a big big fight and i promise him that he won’t forget it all his life. What ever he learned from his previous fights, this is going to be different.”

He believes that Booth is now making a huge mistake in underestimating his durability and his chin. Al-Silawi is convinced that the quality of opponents that he has faced and beaten over the last few years are proof to what he is now capable of.

“Over the last few years, I’ve fought people that hit way harder than Booth. I’ve fought the likes of Mohamed Sayah, Mohammad Fakhreddine and Rami Hamed, all of whom are really strong hitters. That being said, I’m not at all worried about his power. He hit me on the spot in the last fight. I can’t say it was a lucky punch, but I doubt it will happen again this time.”

A lot is on the line for both these fighters. Not only will the winner get a huge W on their record, but will also possibly be next in line for a title shot at the Brave Combat Federation welterweight strap. With the amount of talk being traded between these two, you can just tell that this fight at Brave 9 is going to be big.

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