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JJ Ambrose: Jiu-Jitsu Remains The King of MMA

A third installment is a rare occurrence in the fight world


They say that “Three is a charm” but that rarely happens in the world of fighting. They also say that good things come to those who wait, and the wait was worth it!

First, let’s take a trip down memory lane and remember GFC 2 back in February 2013, when Ahmad Ibrahim was successful and defended his title against the challenger JJ Ambrose. It was JJ’s first visit to Kuwait led to an unpleasant ending. Three months later, it was time for the rematch! Ahmed had agreed to grant the American another chance and little did he know about Ambrose’s plans!! JJ came in ready for business as he went for an early guillotine choke in the first round taking back what he initially came here for. Now fast forward again to May 30 , 2014 !!

For two fighters to make it to a trilogy and still have the audience still compelled enough to pay their hard earned dollars to see this encounter after they’ve witnessed it twice beforehand, that’s one of the hardest things to pull off.

It takes a grudge and a reason to have these two men fight it out one last time to settle the score and GFC made it happen.

Surely main event material, The first round of this long-anticipated title fight saw the reigning champion in a very bad position as his challenger controlled the round with a dazzling stand up game and well-timed takedown defenses. ” Ahmad’s striking was on another level” stated the champion! Three minutes into the first round, Ahmed Ibrahim almost put an end to the fight but JJ’s heart and will stood in the way. In round two and after a quick scramble, JJ Ambrose set up the fight-ending guillotine choke, finishing the Egyptian and setting the record straight!

“He played smart, didn’t throw much kicks to avoid my takedowns. Even then he still defended the takedown attempts and used striking from the clinch to do damage. The fight was tough, Ahmed has improved a lot in MMA, I was very impressed with his takedown defense and his striking is on another level. It was a tough fight but Jiu-Jitsu still rules over MMA.”

So here it is gents, still the reigning GFC champion, JJ Ambrose!! Seems like it takes a bit more talent and will to face someone like “Superman”!

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