Jordan vs. Mexico – Al-Selwady and Martinez Trash Talk Escalates


Back and forth trash talk exchanges are being made by the new rivals Abdul-Kareem Al-Selwady of Jordan and the Mexican Alejandro “Pato” Martinez about settling their testosterone skill inside the Brave Combat Federation cage.

Both Lightweight contenders of the Brave promotion have made comments regarding fighting each other and the reasons behind the challenge.

Martinez, an MMA veteran and former TUF Latin America competitor has been calling out Al-Selwady for while but recently challenged him again, after his win at Brave 5 with the start of exchanges saying that “he [Selwady] still hasn’t fought a Lightweight fighter like me”.

The Jordanian Abdul-Kareem Al-Selwady (7-1-0), with 2-0 inside the Brave cage, laughed off the taunts stating that Martinez just wants attention, and that the incoming trash talk just means he is on the right path.

A response has been posted by Martinez again on social media saying he “challenged him because this is what it[fighting] is about, fighting the best…If he doesn’t want to to fight me, I will fight others until he has no choice but to face me”.

Martinez does have a point, fighting in the cage is about going up the ranks and to grow as a fighter, you must fight the best to test your skills.

The Mexican goes on to say:

“…there will be no excuses for the self nominated “Super Star”… I don’t need his name, nobody knows his ass in America and like I said if he wants to fight the best I am one of them..”.

Whether or not either of these Lightweight combatants are the best is yet to be put to the test. However the give and take between them is getting both of them media attention and may possibly turn out to be a good match up. Let’s see how much more there is to come, will the escalating trash talk push them closer to being in the cage together?

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