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Khaled Afara: My Dream is to Become One of the Best Arab MMA Fighters

This young prospect started gathering his medals at the early age of 6.


Khaled Afara from Lebanon made his way to Minnesota last month to face Drew Breckling who owns an amateur record of 3 wins 1 loss. It was at the NO MERCY III event that Saida’s little devil managed to add another loss with style to Breckling’s record as he KO’d him 2.28 minutes into the first round. Sounds pretty impressive for a new-comer, yet this young prospect had started gathering his medals at the early age of 6.

I only started MMA 8 months ago, but I have a huge background in the sports. I have a first Dan in Karate Kyokushinkai, and I’ve participate in several tournaments such as the World Category Tournament in Japan, Asia Open Tournament in the Philippines, Iran International Tournament, and other Arab championships.

Khaled began his martial arts career training Karate earning multiple medals at local and international competitions, and later on added Thai Boxing, Nunchaku, and MMA to his arsenal.

I also trained Thai Boxing with Grand Master Sami Kiblawi at team Shogun before moving to the states. I participated in the Lebanese Championship and I earned first place. I also did Nunchaku and I participated in 2 world tournaments (1st place in Switzerland in 2008, and 1st place England in 2010 in free style and combat)

Khaled is an amateur MMA fighter chasing his dream of becoming one of the best. A ‘KO of the night’ at 2:28 of the first round!? This fighter has a lot to come!

My dream is to become a professional fighter, and one of the best Arab MMA fighters. I’m still 20 years old and I believe in my strengths. I am training with some of the best fighters in the States. John Castenda and Dan Moret are so close to be seen the UFC. I have a great manager, Jeremy Bjornberg, who will surely help me achieve my dreams.

I worked very hard for my knockout. I made a big statement that night and I proved my self as an MMA fighter. This fight is just the beginning


Mohammad Ghorabi is more than a friend to me, he is my leader in the sports and apart. He is always there to support me in every step of my career. Ghorabi visualizes me as one of his successors in the sport. I think he’s one of the best fighters in the Middle East, it’s time that he achieves his goals and earns the belt, he deserves it.

Coming from a Karate background, Khaled has adapted his techniques to MMA and seems to be moving on the right track. ArabsMMA wishes Khaled the best in his MMA career!

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