Al Batal 2 : Sabil Rahali Vs Khalid Aljohani Next in Line!

Al Batal Season 2 started out with a bit of a drama as the Egyptian fighter Ramadan is stopped


Al Batal Season 2 started out with a bit of drama as the official TV Show doctors forbid Egyptian fighter Ramadan from joining the fighters due to an old injury. But here’s a switch for MMA lovers as the first episode comes to an end. Two new middleweight fighters faced off in the cage for the first time at the end of the firs fight on the show. Those same two fighters will meet again in the cage as the second episode airs.

After the first fight both coaches meet in the cage to chose which of the contests will fight next. Team Elbe won the first so they get to choose the second match up! Who will face who !?

Tunisia Vs Saudi Arabia in this one! Sabil Rahali Vs Khalid Aljohani


“I will beat him, I will make him suffer, even if he goes to hospital they will kick him out. Khaled has nothing on me, whatsoever!”

Rahili who is originally from Tunisia seems to have a lot to say outside the cage. Working as a bouncer before entering the show may have boosted his ego a bit too much above normal level, yet according to his coaches, this guy can pack a punch and will always go for the knockout.

Going head to head, things have heated up as Sabil shoved Khalid in their first fight announcement face off !

The calmer Aljohani reacted with a smile to Rahili’s aggression showing confidence and self control. The Saudi striker has never stepped in an MMA cage before entering the show, that alone shows big heart and perseverance .

“Rahali has nothing on me in the striking department”

Stay tuned on for a replay and breakdown of episode 2 events!

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