Hassan Talal | ArabsMMA’s ‘Knockout of the Year’ Award Winner


2016 has been a stellar year in the Arab MMA scene. We witnessed history made left right and center, new champions rise and reigning stars fall.

For this, ArabsMMA has launched the 2016 “ArabsMMA Submission of the Year” and “ArabsMMA Knockout of the Year” awards voting polls. Fight fans had the chance to cast their vote for the finish they believed to be number 1!

It’s now time to give out our awards and honour those that have entertained and shocked us.

In the ‘Knockout of the Year’ voting poll which closed on January 16th, Iraqi fighter Hassan Talal lead the ranks with his highlight reel knockout against Mohamed Yahya at Desert Force 25, gaining 38% of the votes.

Hassan Talal scored a first minute KO over Emirati opponent Mohammad Yahya. This happened at the Desert Force 25 event which took place in Jordan last December.

Watch the KO again here:

Coming in at number 2 is Ahmad Labban’s knockout of Abdalla Bushairy at Desert Force 24.  Alaa Mansour’s knockout of Abdulrahman Dridi at Desert Force 22 came in third.

Let’s find out what this year hides for us!

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