Lebanon | “Open Combat Championship” Announces A Series Of Amateur Events


Amateur combat competitions have made a massive improvement in the recent years. Today, they have become known to be a highly evolving subset of combat championships in the world. While realizing the importance of taking the route of the amateur circuit as a roadmap to becoming a professional fighter, amateur championships have witnessed increased engagement and competition over the last few years.

Open Combat Championship, an emerging Lebanese amateur fighting promotion, has just announced the introduction of a new series of amateur events which will be taking place in Lebanon starting October 18, 2015.

Entitled “OCC – The new monthly championship in Lebanon,” fights will be held on a monthly basis under the patronage of the Lebanese Jiu Jitsu Federation.

The event will be sub-divided into two categories. One category for athletes who are above the age of eighteen years (starting October 18) and another category for athletes under eighteen years of age (starting November 8), held every other month. Additionally, each fighter’s performance and progress will be tracked by OCC officials, based on which he will be classified into one of the three classes, A, B, or C .

As for the rules, fights under class A are constituted of 3 rounds of 3 minutes each. No elbows are allowed, and knees could only be targeted to the body. For classes B and C, fights are 3 rounds of 2 minutes each, shin protection is a must, no elbows, and no knees are allowed at all.

With such events in place, Lebanon has stepped in as the new dynamic hub for amateur fighting championships in the region.

The championship will be held at the Chabibeh Sporting Club, Pierre Gemayel street. Registration fees for fighters are LBP20.000, LBP30.000 for clubs, and entry fees are LBP5.000.

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