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Louai Kiblawi: Prepare To Be Impressed When Rami Hamed Enters The Cage

With Team shogun leading on an impressive winning streak in Desert Force every time they enter the cage


With Team shogun leading on an impressive winning streak in Desert Force every time they enter the cage, you could not have missed Louai Kiblawi jumping around in the background as his fighters accomplish the missions they were set for. Kiblawi promises that Desert Force 15 will be no different. With two debutants from Team Shogun stepping onto the professional stage for the first time, Shogun will once again prove the famous saying – “A dream to some, a nightmare to others.”

Louai Kiblawi:

Zahi, prepare to be impressed when Rami Hamed enters the cage this February. Rami started his martial arts career in Shogun, from scratch. He kicked it off with Muay Thai, earned the prestigious Arab Championship. He then added boxing to his arsenal where he also prospered under the tutelage of Kru Julia and was part of the national team.

Kiblawi mentions that a lot of the fighters currently competing out of shogun gym had recently (2-3 years ) joined the club to take their game to another level. Hamed on the other hand has been there since the beginning , a truly shogun bred fighter. Hamed not only a striking phenom , his ground game is better than most people expect.

When it comes to ground game, Rami is a grinder! You might not see him throwing submissions left and right but this kid is a first division national wrestler and has had the privilege to train with the Lebanese army wrestling team. He’s been adding some jits with the help of teammates Karaki and Serge who will also be fighting on this card.

You can’t expect a lot of fighters to be high level Jiujitsu guys, as the sport is relatively new to our region. Yet team shogun have been leading this progress from the start as this sport legitimately entered Lebanon almost 4 years ago.

All the ground games are new in the region, but shogun is one of the first to jump on this train. We had a wrestling team and we are doing good, we stared from the bottom and we are surely competitive on the local level.

Rami is one of the best fighters we have but surely not the last. We have a new breed and I am sure Zahi you have seen them around, and a lot a lot more. The coaches here are top and ready to graduate young guns day after day.

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