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Desert Force 15: It Will Be A Hard Fight, Says Gabriel Tayeh


ArabsMMA got hold of Gabriel Tayeh all the way in Brazil for a talk about his upcoming fight on the 9th of February against Aniss Al Hajjajy in Desert Force 15 event. A few words from Gabriel, but we all know that once he enters the cage, this Palestinian Brazilian goes nuts.

Do you believe that your Jiu-Jitsu skills are on a higher level than Aniss Hajjajy’s?

I think our style is similar because we both execute the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu style. He is member of a team that is one of the best in the world.

Black belt from Brazil Vs Black Belt From USA, do you think your Jiu-jitsu is more legit?

I don’t think so because he has Brazilian coaches at his side.

Do you plan on ending this fight by submission and proving a point?

My plan is to act with the skill set I have more of, which is Jiu-Jitsu. So yes I’m planning for a submission.

There is a lot of controversy around your latest fight in Bahrain against Mostafa Marhoon, tell us a little bit about what happened that day.

Well, 36 hours before the day of the fight my adversary gave up. After that, Desert Force got a replacement opponent. I only had 36 hours to change my game plan; to change all of my previous thought out strategy and create a whole new plan. It makes a difference.

What do you think about Aniss’s previous fights?

Anis was the former welterweight champion. I think he proved his point and that he is a great Jiu-jitsu fighter.

Both of you faced the same opponent. Alhajjajy managed to finish Amr Wahmann in the first round, but in your fight against Amr, you struggled even though you showed progressive striking skills. What’s your say on that?

For this fight, my training was based more in striking skills and that’s what I tested on him. Unfortunately I was defeated.

Would we ever see you go for a KO against someone with the ground skills of Hajjajy?

Anything can happen in MMA fights, he is a great fighter and I believe that will be a hard fight.

Stay tuned on for more on Gabriel Vs Aniss!

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