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Are You Mad? Because I’m Definitely Mad – Dimitrios Tsitos, BJJ NO-MAD

Promo Video for the upcoming BJJ NO-MAD documentary series showing BJJ NO-MAD's visit to the Abu Dhabi World Pro's.

Promo Video for the upcoming BJJ NO-MAD documentary series showing BJJ NO-MAD’s visit to the Abu Dhabi World Pro’s.

bjj no mad

My name is Dimitrios Tsitos, from Greece, first degree black belt in BJJ, and have vast experience in fighting and teaching all over the globe. And this is BJJ NoMad.

Most coaches with authority focus on physically training the fighters to adapt to any kind of fight. The fighters themselves, specialize in a certain fighting skill from BJJ to Boxing.

When this project was first introduced to ArabsMMA our editor for amazed. He didn’t believe what he saw. A mix of modern philosophy and fighting techniques that will deliver the best conditioned fighter ever. My friends, my brothers, I am pleased to inform you about a new MMA teaching school that is meant to prepare the fighter as a human, as a family member, as a professional artist, and most importantly as an ultimate fighting machine. BJJNoMad delivers a new idea on how to approach the coaching techniques of a fighter.

BJJ No-Mad Pilot Episode

A father, a singer, a human rights activist, a martial artist , and a cinematographer along with a lifeguard, a surfer, a first degree black belt BJJ professor embark on journey throughout the world to answer the true question that all the warriors want its answer; what is the way of the warrior?

“I travel around the world and meet various MMA authorities in order to understand the way of the warrior according to them.” B

JJ No-Mad travels around the world, in camera, where they examine more deeply the way of the warrior and other relevant issues.

Coming from Bulgaria and Greece, BJJ NoMad is something we have never seen before. Combining different ideas from reality TV to educational videos, Dimitri and his business partner go international and fly around the world for BJJ NoMad.

They believe that “the way of the warrior has nothing to do with the punches, you have to walk a long walk to complete your inner peace.” What are really interesting way to look at the fighter, the warrior that will always win. They believe that well rounded warriors are those that fight and train not only in the octagon and gym but also in their homes with their families with their souls. They train their mind harder than they train there body. They believe that a certain mindset will help a warrior achieve, and only warriors that are well rounded are those that grab the belt.

“I passed out on the mat after my 24hour shift, my wife punished me”;determination is key. “That’s the blood that runs through my veins…”

Dimitri said,

” I want to make a show that would be fun to watch.”

They are working on something new to the media, new to the MMA society. He believes that it’s the biggest adventure yet…Biggest Martial Arts NoMad.

Are you mad ? No I’m not…well yeah a little…actually I’m BJJ NoMad!

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