McGregor vs. Mayweather Destruction, Trash Talk and a Major Payday

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Many people have given their input on the likely hood of who will win the match up of the boxer Floyd Mayweather and Mixed Martial Artist Conor “Notorious” McGregor. It has officially been announced to take place on August 26th, 2017, and the discussion has kicked up. Mayweather is down in history as one of the greatest boxers of our time with a record of 49-0-0. McGregor(21-3-0) is down in history as the first MMA fighter in the UFC to hold two belts across different weight divisions simultaneously, featherweight and lightweight. It’s back to the question of which would reign as king, boxing or MMA?

This super hyped matchup is going to be in a boxing ring and will be fought at light-middle weight. If it were the other way around, not many people would debate who would win. One of the most famous MMA fighters would tear apart the boxer. Many of the professionals who have the knowledge to give informed opinions have given their reasons for who would most likely win; some are leaning towards McGregor, and some think it’s ridiculous to match someone with no experience in pro boxing vs a legend.

Destruction Odds; Boxer vs MMA

Mayweather is a five division world champion with a perfect record and defense game like no other. He definitely wouldn’t want to ruin his career by a loss to a MMA fighter with no experience in the professional boxing world. It is Floyd’s domain to endure 12 rounds!

All though there are loopholes in his defense that most opponents can’t get through. Contrary to what many people think, Mayweather has been knocked down during his career even though he has never lost. If McGregor gets a hit in, he may do a lot of damage. This boxer is in his 40’s, has been retired since 2015, and has very frail hands. He is not known for the power of his hits, and has had his hands fractured repeatedly throughout his career.

Mayweather Defense Mania

Mayweather Stunned

“Notorious” has incredibly hard hits that cause even the toughest to reveal intense pain, has a Southpaw stance, unbelievable skill playing with distance, and his creativity as an athlete is admired. He is in his 20’s, has been holding out only for this match, and has intense motivation and cockiness to make an even bigger name for himself.


McGregor Mayhem

But let’s look at what’s working against McGregor. He has lost in his MMA career, has never fought in a professional boxing match, will adjust to different gloves, and is a counter puncher. He is going up against who is said to be the finest boxer of the time,and whose talent and pedigree just don’t compare. McGregor is not used to 12 rounds and some say perhaps he only has a chance if he can pull something in the first 2-3 rounds.

McGregor even has a former sparring partner from 2016, Chris Van Heerden, who says he has no chance in this crazy match up.

Trash Talk

Trash talk builds hype to a fight and everyone loves the drama. This particular bout has two of the most famous trash talkers spitting fire for over a year and now that the fight is official one of them has changed their tone.

Mayweather to McGregor

Mayweather doesn’t think it’s an unfair match noting that every time Notorious wins it’s from a standing position, but he has been insulting the Irish throughout the year. Before the fight was official he said “He [McGregor] needs the money, I don’t”, “Conor McGregor you a bitch”, “Ima smack the Shit out of McGregor”, as well as “Don’t compare an elephant to an ant”.

In a very recent interview though he did not have any trash talk for McGregor, instead he praised him. “He went out there and done what he had to do. It’s obvious he’s done something right thus far to get to the point where he’s at, so I’m not here to badmouth him. And I’ve been off a couple years. I’m 40 years old now. I’m a lot older, and he’s still in his 20s. I’m in my 40s now. That could play a major key. And he’s a heavy hitter, so we’ll just see.”

McGregor to Mayweather

When it comes to this boxing match McGregor has hit on the life of Mayweather surviving a real fight against him. If it were under the rules of MMA he said “I would kill him in 30seconds” as well as saying that as it’s in a boxing ring only the rules of boxing would keep Mayweather alive.

Funnily enough though Mayweather’s side has put into effect a safety net for any bad intentions that may come from the MMA fighter; McGregor will face a lawsuit for a massive financial sum if he tries to throw any kicks.

Payday $$$

The amount of money to be paid by these two athletes is a major factor for this fight. Both are said to walk away with an estimated $100 million up to $180 million. Mayweather wants to break his own record in pay per view sells, and McGregor has the option to take home hundreds of millions of dollars and become one of the ultimate fighters of combat sports.

Mayweather’s fight against Manny Pacquiao in what was to be the “fight of the century”in 2015 was a disappointment and letdown to everyone. It did however sell the highest number of pay per views in boxing, of 4.6million. McGregor hit 1.6 million in his rematch against Nate Diaz.

According to Sportsbreak and the words of Iain Kidd of BloodyElbow, McGregor’s record for selling PPV reached higher in three headlining fights (UFC 196, 202 and 205) in 2016 than the whole year of UFC in 2014. Deemed a sports superstar, the Irishman has sold more PPV for the UFC than George St. Pierre and Brock Lesner combined.

The question is will this matchup be a real show and will it out sell 4.6million PPV?

McGregor vs. Mayweather Concluding thoughts

What will be the outcome? No one can guess, no one can know before the two are in the ring. The training and preparation may do wonders for both the old one and the inexperienced one.

This may all be for show, fame and money but if it does happen with intent for a real challenge Conor McGregor has a chance to win the fight.He will not appreciate Mayweather’s sloppy exhibition performances, and will probably do everything in his powers to destroy it.

McGregor has much footage on Mayweather to learn from which gives him the upper hand. The older boxer has not consistently trained or had the mindset to fight since 2015 and doesn’t have as much to prove like the young MMA fighter does.

On top of all that, Mayweather looks as soft, light, and graceful as a kitten playing dodge ball compared to the heart and aggression of the lion McGregor. That can be a much bigger factor than pure skill.

Can the lion be tamed inside a boxing ring under the boxing rules is the question? There is always the possibility McGregor pulls a dirty or cheap shot (it doesn’t have to be a kick) and the match is stopped; both make the money, PPV, ticket sales, sponsors all paid, the MMA fighter looks bad-ass, and the boxer doesn’t have his record tainted. Neither win or lose.

What do you think?

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