Mishal Abul On Sports Management/ Plans To Grow In Middle East

I'm sure we will continue to look for opportunities that make sense & align with our company goals first, before anything else.


In this picture: Mishal Abul, Lorenz Larkin, Audie Attar, & Ramsey Nijem.

When talking about Arab achievement in the world of Mixed Martial arts, a name that comes to mind is Kuwaiti Mishal Abul, investor and partner at Paradigm Sports Management. Abul is also owner of Abul Sports, currently based in Kuwait and serving the gulf countries.

Paradigm Sports Management is a full service US based sports management company specializing in representing NFL and MLB athletes. Its subsidiary, Paradigm MMA Management, lead by Mishal Abul, provides the same superior level of service, expertise and professionalism to MMA fighters.

With a background of 15 years in the sport, probably also as the first Kuwaiti to train in mixed martial arts, Mishal is well-placed to offer his experience and advice to today’s generation of fighters.

Mishal was always into combat sports, he wrestled in high school back in the US as well as college. He got into MMA in 1998 because of the UFC and because of his trainer John “The Machine” Lober who was a pioneer of the MMA scene with a background in Jeet Kun Do, Grappling and BJJ. Mishal felt great passion to enter the field of sports management.

I was a high school wrestler & began following the sport of MMA when UFC started in 1993 back when I was in the military. As I watched the sport grow, I realized that many of these athletes did not have the proper representation by individuals with at the very least a successful business resume. My international trade & real estate businesses were having great success, but I always pushed off the thought of wanting to get into the representation of MMA athletes. I was introduced to my business partner, Audie Attar, & the rest was history.

When asked about how the fighting scene in the Middle East compares to that of North America:

North America is where the sport was born & thus is a more developed industry from top to bottom. The Middle East still has a way to go where not only is viewership up from the broadcast, but to where other segments of the business matures, from the consumer product side all the way down to the distribution & sale to the MMA Middle East enthusiast.

The latest addition to the list of fighters signing up with Paradigm Sports Management is Chris Weidman, joining the likes of Michael Bisping, Conor McGregor, Tony Ferguson and Matt Mitrione.

Michael Bisping was our first biggest name we signed & we still enjoy a very healthy & prosperous relationship with Mike.

On plans to grow in this part of the world and develop MMA in the Middle East:

I’m sure we will continue to look for opportunities that make sense & align with our company goals first, before anything else.

Our company was founded on my business partners experience in the NFL athletes representation business & still maintains that American Football business unit. Along with Football & MMA, we have recently launched Soccer (Futbol) & Basketball business units & also have a Sports Business & Marketing consulting business unit. We have also made investments into other sectors, like technology within sports & are currently looking at other diversification plays.

On possibly signing up Arab fighters:

We look at all fighters in the same light, it does not matter where you come from. Embodying the fighter spirit & the essence of martial arts is important for anyone trying to make a living competing in this sport we all love. However, also understanding the entertainment element of professional fighting is key to the success of many young fighters. I feel the fighters who succeed more than others have that amazing balance of both, as an amazing athlete/fighter & having a strong & charismatic personality fans are drawn to. The good ones break down any racial or religious barriers.

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