Mohammad Fakhreddine to Tahar Hadbi: I See Fear Behind Those Glasses of Yours

Plenty of trash talk ahead of Brave 9!

Since its launch in 2016, Brave Combat Federation didn’t have as many high-profile rivalries, but Mohammad Fakhreddine X Tahar Hadbi is escalating fast enough to possibly be one of the most intense feuds of Middle Eastern MMA.

The two will see their battle played out on stage when they meet for at Brave on November 17, in Manama, Bahrain.

It all started when Hadbi lobbed the first shot at Fakhreddine when he ridiculed him for being given a title shot against Carl Booth.

To date, Fakhreddine and Hadbi have not come face to face. But the opportunity to share social media video messages resulted in the two top welterweights engaging in a brutal back-and-forth war of words.

Most recently, Hadbi even threatened to kill Fakhreddine inside the cage!

Here’s what Fakhreddine has to say:

“I see fear behind those glasses of yours, and only little b*tches are scared. The last time someone said he’s gonna kill me, his parents are still looking for him”

Brave 9: The Kingdom of Champions takes place November 17 as part of an international Combat Week which includes the 2017 Amateur IMMAF World Championships.

When Mohammad Fakhreddine and Tahar Hadbi finally go to settle their differences, we will all be tuned in!

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