Top 10 Knockouts From Brave 9 Fighters

During the 1 year that Brave Combat Federation has existed, its record books have been written and rewritten by quick-strikes. From rising prospects and hall of fame-caliber champions to everything in between, the one common denominator has been the jolt of electricity they send coursing through arenas across the globe.

A must watch for all Brave fans heading into Brave 9: The Kingdom of Champions.

Relive the top 10 knockouts in this action packed compilation of knockouts from Brave 9 fighters, including: Mohammad Fakhreddine, Ottman Azaitar, Carl Booth, and many more! These finishes weren’t just lightning fast or brutally efficient, they also spawned stars, destroyed pretenders—and changed the fight game in the process.

  1. Erik carlsson Vs Gadzhimusa Gaziev – Brave 6
  2. Ahmed amir Vs Richie Martinez – Brave 1
  3. Felipe Efran Vs Walel Watson – Brave 3
  4. Jeremy Pacatiw Vs Thiago Coleta – Brave 8
  5. Mohammad Farhad vs Ifran khan – Brave 5
  6. Mohammad Fakhreddine Vs Lukasz Witoz – Brave 6
  7. Gurdarshan Mangat Vs Troy Bantaig – Brave 5
  8. Carl Booth Vs Gadzhimusa Gaziev – Brave 2
  9. Alejandro Martinzes Vs Paulo Bannanada – Brave 5
  10. Ottman Azaitar Vs Charlie Leary – Brave 4
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