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Mohammad Fakhreddine: “I think Suleiman can beat Karaki”

Suleiman and Fakhreddine

Last wee, Tarek Suleiman was part of a “live” broadcast on ArabsMMA talking about his upcoming fight in Phoenix Fighting Championship (Phoenix 4) against Ibrahim El Sawi and replying to some questions posted by his fans.

One interesting question that instantly made some new buzz was whether Suleiman would be down to face the former Desert Force double division champion Mohammad Karaki, a thought that Suleiman was extremely open to.

Following Suleiman on Wednesday, Nov. 8 was the most recent “LIVE” broadcast of Mohammad Fakhreddine with ArabsMMA founder Zahi Ephrem. While the broadcast was mostly about Fakhreddine’s preparations for his highly anticipated fight against Tahar Hadbi and his reaction to Hadbi’s trash talking, Zahi asked Fakhreddine to comment about the possibility of a Suleiman vs. Karaki fight and who he thinks would walk away victorious from this potential bout.

“I think it will be a good fight to be honest. No hard feelings, but Tarek Suleiman would win. I’ve trained with both (Tarek Suleiman and Mohammad Karaki), and I think Tarek can beat Karaki “if” that fight happens. We’ve seen Tarek at a high competition level of competition, but we haven’t seen Karaki there before. So, Tarek would be his first real test.”

It’s difficult to choose a winner between two top level fighters, especially when both of them have been your team mates. No doubt though, the probability of this fight happening would be a ground breaker for the local Arab world of mixed martial arts.

Watch the full live video here featuring Zahi Ephrem, Mohammed Fakhreddine and a casual appearance from Tarek Suleiman.

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