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Mohammad Fakhreddine: “I Will KO Hadbi in the 2nd Round”

It seems that Mohammad Fakhreddine is obsessed about his match up-against his upcoming opponent at Brave 9: The Kingdom of Champions in Bahrain.

A lot of stinging verbal hooks have been snapped and landed by Tahar Hadbi, the welterweight who will throw down against Fakhreddine at the next Brave Combat Federation event. In a recent “LIVE” social media broadcast interview between Mohammad Fakhreddine and Zahi Ephrem, “The Latest” explained that he’s taking his fight against Hadbi quite personally as a result of Hadbi’s excessive trash talk on the former Desert Force middleweight champ that hit a nerve.

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“This whole beef started after the Brave Combat Federation event in Brazil. I fell sick, couldn’t make weight and he started talking trash. At first, I didn’t say much, I just let him talk. However, his trash talking got out of hand and I’m going to make him pay for it, said Fakhreddine”

Fakhreddine did not shy away from admitting that Hadbi’s trash talking irritated him quite a bit. Having said that, Fakhreddine looks at the situation as a mistake on Hadbi’s part more than anything else that could unlikely play out positively to his opponent’s advantage.

Mohammad Fakhreddine: “He (Hadbi) provoked me and it worked. Well, I got bad news for him, he’s going to regret that he did that. He’s going to wish after, or during the fight that he never did that.”

During the interview, Fakhreddine stated that he is going to finish Hadbi by KO in the second round, a bold statement for the superstar fighter to make against an opponent who is as tough as Hadbi.

Then, Fakhreddine closed-up saying that this fight is only going to end up badly for his opponent, leaving him with the following “heartfelt” message.

“Tahar Hadbi, It’s gonna be a bad night for you. I’m coming with bad intentions. I’m taking this fight personal more than any previous fight. If he (Hadbi) hadn’t talked so much, maybe I wouldn’t have taken it as personal, but he did. Lately though, with only a few days till fight time, he hasn’t said much. I think maybe he got a hint.”

Brave 9: The Kingdom of Champions is the biggest mixed martial art fight card that the promotion has ever had. With a stacked card full of highly anticipated super-fights, Tahar Hadbi vs Mohammad Fakhreddine is perhaps the most awaited fight of all. It is a contest that can go either way between two very tough competitors who have a lot on the line to prove.

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