Mohammad Fakhreddine on a Training Camp in Phuket, Sponsored by MindSpike


Mohammad Fakhreddine emerged as the winner at his 77 KG welterweight debut at Desert Force 13. His victory made a big statement in the welter weight (77 KG) division, leaving him undefeated at two different weight divisions.

Among all the chaos and controversy that followed Desert Force 13 event, the fresh face on the sponsor landscape has emerged as a standout. MIND SPIKE, the new MMA brand strongly making its debut in the regional MMA scene. As a sponsor to Fakhreddine and as a supporter for his team ‘Tiger Muay Thai’, Mind Spike has awarded Fakhreddine a well-deserved bonus: 1month training camp at the infamous Tiger Muay Thai camp in Phuket, Thailand.

Tiger Muay Thai-Phuket is home to UFC and Bellator alums Roger Huerta and Brian Ebbersole as well as Muay Thai standouts such as Kru Phet and Kru Kay.

The camp will act as an ideal preparation for Fakhreddine’s upcoming fights. Holding a perfect record of 4-0, Fakhreddine will look to sharpen his striking skills at the camp and let his hands do the talking come next fight.

Mind Spike’s mission being ‘For Fighters, By Fighters’, the brand vows to leverage promising MMA fighters and boost them with unique sponsorship partnerships.

Whilst fighters have to dip into their own reserves to help pay the cost of training and fight expenses, Mind Spike takes the first promising steps towards shaping the future of MMA sponsorship in the region. After sponsoring both of Fakhreddine and Georges Eid, rumor has it that a third name is already on the list!

Stay tuned on ArabsMMA to find out more.

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