Mohammad Karaki | Mansour Wasn’t Challenging; Ready For Any Opponent Next

The ground game, the striking, the conditioning, the unpredictability and the polished skills. They were all too much for Alaa Mansour, who failed to stand up to Mohammad Karaki.

The fight was part of the Phoenix 4 “Dubai” fight card, and ended with Karaki brutally elbow knocking Mansour in the first.

Commenting on the fight, Mohammad Karaki said:

“Alaa Mansour demanded this fight and I took it. Mansour was not challenging enough… I had to take the fight to the ground and knock him out”

On his next challenge, Karaki said:

“I am ready to fight anyone Phoenix Fighting Championship offers me. I never negotiate. I will take any opponent.”

Check out what he has to say in the above video!

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