Brave’s Mohammed Shahid Talks ‘Global Strategy’

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The KHK Brave Promotion has been building it’s name across various countries as it warms up it’s mission to take the world by storm. Over the last couple of months it has held its MMA events in the UAE, Brazil, India and Kazakhstan.

The selection of countries chosen may not be the usual zones for promotions to hit and has lead fans to ask about the strategy behind it.

The president of Brave Combat Federation and CEO of KHK MMA, Mohammed Shahid, explained in response to the inquires that the promotion does not aim to get the world’s attention by spending money on marquee fighters. The promotion focuses on developing the sport and building an infrastructure that will help all fighters get a global exposure.

“Expanding to different countries for us is a main angle to globalize the sport in the correct way. We can either focus on the business and spend money on marketing fights and get the global attention like you see in all other promotions, or we can focus on actually reaching out to each country and focus on building a sport and an infrastructure that will help fighters to be part of a global community. So in short our focus is developing the sport and giving fighters from all around the world , the global exposure they deserve.

A practitioner and fighter of MMA, before it had a presence in Bahrain, Shahid mentioned he trained himself as well as Hamza Kooheji back in the early days. After H.H. Sheikh Khaled Bin Hamad Al Khalifa called him to join KHK MMA organization in Bahrain, which stems includes the MMA gym and Brave CF, it changed Shahid’s life. He takes the sport very seriously and was in admiration of the vision and mission put before him. He wants to expand Brave the right way. The focus must remain on the sport and it’s fighters. He decided to place emphasis on helping all MMA fighters in Bahrain who are willing to put the work in.

He has helped, and will continue to, the a nation to bring up the sport of MMA in Bahrain and with the continuous effort of Brave has also shifted the sports industry itself. It has become a point of changing the lives of MMA fighters and the global realm of the sport.

“Not many can say that because it takes a mind to think the sport is first and the business is second. And that is where H.H Sheikh Khaled Bin Hamad Al Khalifa vision of brave CF is special. So we will make this sport as global as it should be. And as close to any other sport as well in the coming years”.

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