Mohammad Shahid Comments on Mohammad Fakhreddine’s Call out to Mafra

Mohammad “The Latest” Fakhreddine recently fought in Brave 6, Kazakhstan, and added another TKO to his record. Even though he fought in a catchweight bout after missing weight for his originally set welterweight bout against Leonardo Mafra, ex UFC veteran, he put on an epic display winning against Pole Lukas Witos.

When Fakhreddine found out Mafra declined to fight him on the grounds that he missed weight by 400grams only, “The Lastest” called this opponent a “coward”.

Mohammad Shahid, the president of Brave CF had this to say about the matter when asked by Arabsmma:

“It’s the sport. Your opponent doesn’t make weight and you have the choice to take a percentage of his purse or not fight. He [Mafra] chose not to fight. It’s a choice given to him by us. He has the right to chose what he thinks is best for him.

I also understand Fakhreddines frustration since he wills it and only 1 pound over weight, after all the work and effort, he had no fight. Fakhreddine is a man who hates disappointing his fans so I understand his anger and outburst towards Mafra. I really do.. again when a fighter doesn’t make weight there is a choice for the other. Mafra has the right to do what’s best for him and there is nothing more than that. It’s a choice we give”.

Well said by one who is a fighter and heads a promotion. Is it right to call negatively call out an opponent who declines a fight because his rival hasn’t put the effort to make weight? Mafra made his choice, and Fakhreddine could’ve made his before he stepped onto the weight.

Regardless, Fakhreddine is a loved Lebanese fighter who will always have his country’s support!

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