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Moise Rimbon Submits Pavel Dorofeti for the Phoenix LHW Title

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On the Phoenix 4 Dubai main cards, the first ever Phoenix Fighting Championship light-heavyweight title was on the line as Moise “Swamp” Rimbon took on Pavel Doroftei in a historical matchup!

The French MMA veteran, Rimbon, was arguably the favorite to win the contest, coming into this fight with years of experience, having previously fought legends such as Alistair Overeem and Antonio Rogerio Nogueira. His tough-as-nails Moldovan opponent looked huge coming into the fight and never made it look easy on Rimbon, often having his moments in a fight that was constantly swinging back and forth.


Round number 1 starts and both men are attempting to find a home for their heavy shots. Right away Rimbon invests in utilizing some body kicks while Doroftei persists on catching him with an overhand right. Rimbon quickly clinches up with Doroftei and pins him against the cage, apparently attempting to drain the heavier man till later rounds of the fight. Doroftei escapes the cage and lands a right hand that drops Rimbon, but the Frenchman gets back up and is able to take his opponent down, landing in half guard and working on getting his favorite Americana submission. A crafty Doroftei scrambles and gets to a position where he is attempts a heel hook submission Rimbon, but the veteran gets back up to his feet unharmed. The round ends with Doroftei scoring a takedown himself and landing in Rimbon’s butterfly guard.

In the second round, Doroftei launches forward with his hooks, pressuring Rimbon and getting a little bit of cage control time, before the sneaky Frenchman escapes, shoots for a single and gets it. Doroftei again tries for the heel hook which opens up the opportunity for him to scramble back up to his feet. At this point, both men are starting to look tired, but a relentless Doroftei lands a very impressive upper body throw and lands in side control. Rimbon takes a few deep breaths and is then able to stand back up. This time, the round ends with Rimbon trying to land a spinning back fist, while Doroftei attempts a spinning heel head kick… A couple of impressive techniques for these huge fighters.

The calm mentality and approach to fighting that these two have becomes much more apparent in the third round. The biggest highlight of this round in Rimbon opening up some more on using kicks. Rimbon has particular success with the outside right leg kicks that he lands repetitively on Doroftei. Through the round, Rimbon starts opening up his striking and picking Doroftei apart whereas the latter seems tofade away, doing his best to lands the big haymaker he is betting on to finish the fight.

The 4th round marked the end of the fight as Rimbon was able to take Doroftei down much easier. Rimbon took take Doroftei down twice in the round, landing some big strikes to the body on the first takedown and ultimately ending the fight via his trademark Americana in the second, earning him the honor of becoming the first ever Phoenix FC light-heavyweight champion and keeping him undefeated inside the promotion.



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