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Mounir Lazzez: “I Will Be Much More Violent”

Lazzez i will be much more violent

Following a two year lay-off, the Arab world of mixed martial arts was thrilled to hear that Mounir “The Sniper” Lazzez will be making his highly anticipated return to competition, this time at Phoenix Fighting Championship.

Known for his cunning style, masterful approach and empowering highlight reel of KO and TKO finishes in mixed martial arts, the former Desert Force welterweight champion holds a clean undefeated record of 5 victories in his entire 5 bouts. His next opponent, Christophe Vandijck, is as solid as they come, he represents Tiger Muay Thai in his next fight.

In a “live” broadcast with Lazzez on ArabsMMA, the champ answered several questions regarding the reasons for his 2 year hiatus from mixed martial arts. Fighting in Dubai for the first time, Lazzez is delighted to be back in the competitive circuit once again, specifically at Phoenix Fighting Championship which (Quoting “The Godfather” movie) made him an offer he can’t refuse… But, in a good way though.

Mounir Lazzez:

“These couple of years, I got married and have a son. I also had to focus on my own business. I was waiting for the right offer, and the offer that came from Phoenix booted all the others aside. I can’t wait to be back and perform for you guys. This time the opportunity came in Dubai, which is great because I’ve always been asked why I don’t fight there. Hopefully, I will entertain the people. It’s going to be a good fight.”

We’ve seen a lot of fighters come back not exactly at the level they once were in after such a hiatus competitive battles. However, Lazzez is absolutely confident of his ability and trusts that he hasn’t lost any of his skills or instincts when it comes to fighting in mixed martial arts. Lazzes feels that he is still the most dangerous welterweight in the region.

Mounir Lazzez:

“I still feel it (That I am the most dangerous welterweight) and I feel that I can beat anyone in the welterweight division. I’m not showing off. My belief is achieved as a result of my hard word. The people around me know how hard I work, how much I push myself every single day and how I never quit my training.”

So, what can we expect from Lazzez in his upcoming bout and how will he be approaching his this fight? Will he be content with whatever kind of victory he gets or will he be looking to send a strong message that shakes the Arab world?

Mounir Lazzez:

“To be honest, I’m preparing myself for 3 rounds of fighting. As always, I’m going to be smart, but this time I will be much more violent because these two years out of competition have just made me hungrier. I appreciate God who has given me back my 100% health. I will try to put on a show for all the fans who are waiting for me. So, no rush, I’ll go for 3 rounds of 5 minutes. As always, I will pressure my opponent and try to get the finish.”

Phoenix Fighting Championship 4 will be headlined by the fight pitting Mounir Lazzez vs Christophe Van Dijck on the 22nd of December in the Dubai Trade Center. It’s going to be an action packed card featuring top class fighters in what has quickly become one of the largest and most entertaining promotions worldwide. Stay tuned for more mixed martial arts related news.

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