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My Name is Said Hatim and I’m a Martial Arts Coach

Hi my name is Said Hatim I’m from morocco , Rabat .


“….I personally train with some of them. I helped many of them…..”


Hi my name is Said Hatim I’m from Morocco, Rabat. I started training martial arts since I was 10 years old; I trained Kung Fu for 7 years before joining a SITAN Thai boxing gym. I trained under Mr. Lahcen el Hilali. He taught me kick boxing, Thai Boxing, Full Contact, Semi Contact, you name it. In the year 2000, I moved in to USA and in 2001, I started fighting under IKF Organization.

“….I know there are MMA fighters from Casablanca Morocco doing great. Wish them the best. I never met them, but I do watch their fights……”

I won many tournaments training under Oscar Bravo, 2 times world kick boxing champion in Chicago. I won the IL state championship. I was doing so many kick boxing and full contact tourneys at that time. Late in 2007, I was ready for the ‘world champion’ fight against Tommy Back, 6 time world Champion. I fought him for 10 rounds of leg kicks; the fight went to a draw. In the meantime, I was training BJJ; I loved it. I traveled the world to train more; I have competed BJJ at NAGA, IBJJF, US Grappling, Combat Do, C3 grappling, and S7 grappling.

Said Hatem along with Andrei Arlovski
Said Hatem along with Andrei Arlovski

“…I just turned 39 last week , I’m happy…hard work brought me a long way….”


I currently live in Chicago where I train people every day at TDC Martial Arts, and where I have been a kitchen chef for 14 years now, in the oldest Italian village restaurant. I met numerous worldwide top fighters. I also met Ali Bagautinov during his last fight in Canada. I train Mike Cory, Bellator fighter currently in world series fighting. I also train Mark Miller who was on Dan Henderson’s team at the Ultimate Fighter. I also train current UFC fighter Clay Guilda.

“I train with so many fighters.”


I did my BJJ training under Dino Costeas, black belt under rickson Gracie. I am purple belt in BJJ. That is how I actually meet Arlovski, he was training with my master Costeas in 2007 before I became his striking coach. I trained Arlovski for many years, he is a good person and a better fighter. We traveled the world to fight and train hard together. Andrei and I fought in Minsk Belarus Russia last year in the same card under the fight night. He KO’d big foot who was ranked number 4.

“ ARABS MMA fighters have so much talent. If they want to be on the top, they need to be themselves….”

Step by step, he became a UFC champion; nothing’s new to him. Andrei Arlovski has quite some experience; What does he need to fix? I can tell you, He fixes! All of the coaches work hard to make sure that the fighter is ready. In the Silva fight, the plan was to speed hit and move, the KO will come, and that’s what happened! As for the last fight against Brendan Schaub, Andrei was back in the big show and Brandon could not do much. What’s next for Andrei is not yet clear.

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